Get Pissed, Joe: Manny Parra Not Up to Snuff for Brewers

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

MARYVALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 19: Manny Parra of the Milwaukee Brewers poses during photo day at the Brewers spring training complex on February 19, 2009 in Maryvale, Arizona. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

“Get Pissed, Joe” is a weekly column that began at some point last season. Since “my friends” think it’s freakin’ hilarious to piss me off and/or to see me pissed off, I guess this is just another alley for them. Enjoy, ass-hats.

I’m back mother-frickers. This is the first installment (this season) of RFB’s least appealing, least appreciated, and worst written column, “Get Pissed, Joe.” You’d think with the season the Brewers have had thus far that this would be a nightly column, but the truth is that I’ve kept my emotions relatively even-keeled this season…so far.

Has Joe found love in his life? The kind of love that calms a man? I assure you…I have not. I just turned 27 though, so it must could be maturity or something.

That being said, I assure you the Brewers have still gotten the ol’ blood pressure rising this year. And what has my pulse racing most is Manny Parra.  I know there probably are more frustrating things, (Fielder’s and/or Hardy’s lack of production and Jeff  “Useless” Suppan come to mind) but I find myself the most frustrated and disappointed in Manny.

Manny Parra’s name was mentioned in nearly every one of the roughly 2.85 million Brewers preseason reviews as being a key (along with Yovani Gallardo) to the Brewers having a successful season. Those previews were totally justified in making that assumption because Parra does legitimately have the “stuff” to be a dominant, top-of-the-rotation starter.

So what has happened so far this year? I’ll tell you: Manny Parra is a head case. I honestly believe that nearly all of his problems are mental. You can tell by the blank, scared expression on his face half of the time he’s on the mound.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is anything new for Manny. I got the same impression during a couple different points of last season as well. What pisses me off the most is not understanding how an athlete at Parra’s level, with the type of talent he has, can let this affect him. Not only does he get paid fatty cash to perform well, but how does he not know how good he is…or at least has the potential to be?

To be fair, maybe myself and other Brewers’ fans are completely wrong. Maybe it’s just mechanics. Maybe he’s just not that good. But personally I don’t buy it.

Either way…sack up, Manny Parra! Trust your shit and go after guys. And at least pretend like you’re bad-ass. After all, maybe you’ll fool someone.