Bama Is FINALLY Back!

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Bama Is FINALLY Back!
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"Alabama is back!" 

It has been many years since any fan of the Crimson Tide has been able to make a comment like that or even conceive the notion that thier team could honestly even really compete for a national championship. 

Ever since I moved from California and started watching the greatest sport—college football—and been an Alabama fan, I have never been able to have that feeling, "that my team will win it all this year." 

The only Alabama teams that I have known, have had to finish second at  best due to NCAA probations.  The only year that I came close to that was in 2000 when a great running back by the name of Shaun Alexander rumbled across the field scoring touchdowns. 

Even then, though, there was still that feeling that we were going to lose at least one, maybe two, games. With the arrival of Nick Saban I can honestly say that that sinking feeling is long gone.  At first, I have to admit that i did not agree with paying a college coach $4 million a year, but after watching Saban take a sub-par team last year and turn them into a 12-2 team, how can you not respect him and admire his passion for the game. 

It has been a while since I have seen a coach yell at a player even if he did something good.  Not because he did not like the outcome, but because he did not execute it the right way. 

There is no better sign of a good coach than that.  But that is not all he brings to the table.  His recruiting the last two years speaks for itself.  I do not know the last time that Alabama had a No. 1 recruiting class, but to do it two years in a row? 

With the talent that is pouring into Alabama now, and already for the next few years, it is hard to imagine that there will not be another championship coming our way.  I do not say that in arrogance, I say that because of the simple fact that any team that can generate talent like Saban is right now, is going to produce results eventually. 

So in conclusion, with a couple of names like Alabama and Nick Saban, it is hard not to get excited about football season, even if it is four months away!

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