Why I Like IPL Even Though I Hate It

Rajat JainSenior Analyst IApril 22, 2009

I hate to admit, nevertheless, I'll be honest.

I do not like the cricketers being covered with millions of sponsors. I get irritated by the look of Shahrukh Khan and feel left out when Preity Zinta hugs 16 men clad in Pink.

I do not care whether Shilpa Shetty is able to learn cricket from Warne and I cannot bear watching Nita Ambani sharing her knowledge on Duckworth and Lewis system.

I wished the grounds were a little bigger, and the pitches greener.

I am sick of the words Dee Eeeel Effff and I can bet my sweetheart that Citibank would not take pride in celebrating those moments of success.

...And I almost forgot, I HATE the faces of the boy-cut Mandira Bedi, and Lalit Modi.

In spite of all these fallacies, I am guilty of making Mr. Modi richer by watching cricket in between the deluge of advertisements and strategic breaks.

Yes. I do follow the IPL. Perhaps, I am the victim of Delhi-6 which reminds you to return back to your home even though it may be next to hell.

Do not run after my life. I have my share of reasons.

10. To have something to watch alongside my friends after a hard day's work, rather than enjoying solitude in my room with laptop and headphones.

9. Feeling of contention after occasionally listening to the genius of Harsha Bhogle amidst the commercialized camaraderie of Ravi Shastri, Sunny Gavaskar and the petulant Arun Lal.

8. Watching Flintoff do a Beckham after bowling a searing bouncer.

7. Knowing that Sehwag and Gambhir are as good as the best in any colors.

6. Giving me a belief that Rohit Sharma will someday take over the mantle from The Wall despite his abysmal performances in Indian jerseys.

5. Applauding the unbelieveable catches that are witnessed more often than one could expect.

4. Rejoicing at the dominance of Hayden and Gilchrist. They always tensed me with their Baggy Green cap. They do not, anymore.

3. Showing a grin when Sourav 'Dada' Ganguly shows tennage enthusiasm after getting a caught behind in his favor.

2. Feeling of Nostalgia after watching Warnie and Kumble spin the ball as they did in their early twenties.

1. Feeling of satisfaction to see Dravid hit three fours and a six in an over and taking pride in watching the names Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid in the Man of the Match columns. Feeling alleviated by the way they answer the so called young-guns that these old men are still the best, come what may.


After all, I still love cricket.