Dream Match Breakdowns No. 1:The Rock vs. John Cena

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IApril 21, 2009


I, Matt from Wrestling Uncovered, would like to formally introduce a new series of articles.

For those who took an interest in my article about the Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, this series will take much the same format, with a few exceptions:

  1. I will state who I think will win.

  2. It will cover dream matches.

Furthermore, some of the matches I will be covering there are no current plans for, and others will be impossible. That being said, all the information I will provide may be interpreted as the reader wishes.

If you have any matches you would like me to cover, I can be reached at wrestlinguncovered@gmail.com

That being said I will move right into it with The Rock vs. John Cena.

Just today hearing those two names with vs. in between them makes John Cena’s even harshest critics say yes.

It can be truly counted among the greatest of dream matches, The People’s Champ vs. the Chain gang commander. A battle of two modern day wrestling icons…..a dream match of the century.

There is pretty much a clean slate for this match due mainly to the fact that the closest the two have ever come to each other was at the Kids' Choice awards in March 2009. Personally, I don’t even think that is close to facing off in the squared circle.



We have already seen a lot of setup for this match…and not a lick of it has been because of WWE. '

The Rock has in the past stated if he were to return he would like to face John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels and one more match with long time rival, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

This can be considered such a vague statement that it is not entirely relevant but just mentioning Cena in the same breath as Steve Austin indicates that The Rock does want to have a match with him.

John Cena has been not what I would call highly critical of the Rock but he has stated that he feels the Rock owes some more to WWE fans.

I cannot say I agree with Cena, but I do feel that it would be nice to see the Rock actually show up in person at a WWE event, especially something like Wrestlemania.


Their start

The Rock had a really shaky start in WWE. He was originally brought in as Rocky Maivia which combined the ring names of his father and grandfather.

I say he had a shaky start, but not in terms of in ring success, because he secured the Intercontinental title when he was only with the company three months.


I say he had a shaky start in terms of popularity. When The Rock first started he was portrayed as a clean cut favorite…no depth to the character at all.

The fans quickly grew tired of it with the rise of the Rock’s greatest rival, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

John Cena started in WWE by answering a challenge given by Kurt Angle. Ultimately Cena did not win but he did kick out of the Angle Slam and endure the Ankle Lock. After a short feud with Jericho Cena would then join a tag team with Billy Kidman.

The team joined a tournament to determine the new WWE tag team champions and lost. Cena attacked Kidman the next week blaming him for the loss.

Shortly after, Cena adopted the rapper gimmick that would make him one of the biggest stars in the WWE today.


Mic skills

The Rock is very well recognized for cutting the best promos in the business. He has verbally torn apart the likes of Mankind and Chris Jericho. It was his amazing promos that took him to the top and what made him the people’s champion.

They were good for getting pops from the crowd and no one could do it better then he could. In the long run they were what made him the people’s champ.

Cena has some fairly decent promos himself; the problem with most of them is that they are geared towards being funny.

They don’t really make me want to watch a match…to be honest they just make me wonder what the heck he was doing before he cut the promo. Matt says the Rock cuts way better promos.

Crowd reaction

The Rock has had a positive crowd reaction since he shed the Rocky Maivia gimmick, even when he was a heel, he would get cheers from the crowd.

It can be argued that the only reason the Rock would get a positive reaction from the crowd was because his promos were amazing and they made people laugh.

They were everything needed in a promo and they carried him through his career.

Cena has been getting a fairly mixed reaction. When he first started he was booed, when he became the rapper he was booed and cheered, and now he is booed and cheered. What really made Cena turn face?

Well just ask any girl and they will likely tell you, “He’s hot.” He is also responsible for most of the merchandise sales in WWE right now. He is arguably their hottest seller.


Their finishers

May I say that the Rock has one of the stupidest, most over hyped finishers I have ever seen! The People’s Elbow, the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, The Rock’s finish is nothing more than an elbow drop.

Yet the Rock has won many matches with the maneuver and the move does please fans so I guess overall its okay.

I think the Rock may need to rely more heavily on the Rock Bottom in this match due mainly to the fact that you won’t keep a guy with Cena’s size down really easily. His variation of the sharpshooter is also a good way to combat the STFU.

The F-U, and I know about the name change, I just refuse to acknowledge it, is also an over-hyped move. In all essentially it’s just a fireman’s carry dropped into a power slam.

Also a fairly decent move that gets too much of a negative reputation Cena has defeated countless opponents with it and it’s carried him to the championship a good few times. Cena also has the STFU.

The move has beaten a fair number of guys and normally quick to get a tap out. However, it’s showed in the past that Cena can’t always rely on the STFU.



For many years The Rock has been recognized as the one with the most WWE title runs, until Triple H took the record, with seven runs, in part he also held the “WCW” heavyweight championship twice. Early in his career he held the IC title twice with his second run lasting 265 days.

Overall he is a nine time world champion. Impressive by anyone’s standards however when you take into account his longest heavyweight title run out of those 9 was only 119 days, that’s not nearly as impressive.

John Cena has held the US title three times, the WWE title three times and the world heavyweight championship once. Allow me to say that only two of Cena’s US title runs are worth mentioning with one lasting 114 days and the other lasting 105. It can be said where Cena has really shined is in the heavyweight title picture.

All three of John Cena’s WWE title runs have lasted longer than the Rock’s longest, the only title world title reign the Rock’s beats out is Cena’s first World heavyweight title run, which lasted 84 days.

Overall, if you include every Championship Cena has ever won, Cena has spent a total of 1,161 days as a champion. If you look at every championship the Rock won in his career he has spent only a total of 757 days as a champion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Cena is a better champion, I’m just saying his reigns have lasted much longer.


Main event quality

Let’s face it; No matter your take on it, this match cannot be less than a main event at one of the big four. It would have to be Wrestlemania or Summerslam as they are the two biggest pay-per-views of the year.

The buildup would have to be taken with care, as this would be one of the biggest matches in modern wrestling history. Both The Rock and John Cena are two of the most widely recognized faces in WWE history.


Final winner: …………sighs deeply.......……….Cena

Overall I think this one can go either way but let’s face it if the match were to happen right now Cena would win.

Cena is still at the top of his game and wrestling constantly. When most of us say the Rock we imagine the one in the 90’s, but he hasn’t wrestled in four years.

That much time away from the ring results in ring rust. If it were to happen with the Rock at the top of his game….well that would be whole different story.

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