Thought's on the line-up & RISP

ed feverCorrespondent IApril 18, 2009
So my idea of an adjustment would be to change the line-up, move a couple guys around and possibly sit a player, not as a punishment but more to get fresh blood in the line-up. The problem is the only player who could be sat is Dan Murphy, but the Mets have promoted him all off-season and he's become such a fan favorite that I could see them being reluctant to make such a move.
Murphy's glove and arm are worse then even I expected and when he's hitting only .285 compared to the rest of the order he becomes vulnerable. Also Jose Reyes doesn't appear 100% comfortable playing his game behind Murphy and with Luis Castillo playing well it only becomes natural to move him back into the two hole. By sitting Murphy you can move Castillo up and insert fresh blood into the line-up. Just as I'm thinking I'll get killed for making a post like this, since Murphy is such a fan favorite that's exactly what they do....
I wouldn't have stopped there, David Wright is getting his hits and walks but they're generally coming during meaningless situations. It's clear that David is pressing in the clutch, as he's trying to carry the team on his back after the last two September's. I would take some of the pressure off David and reward Church for his second straight hot start to a season. Let Church hit third for a few games while dropping Wright into a nice quiet sixth spot behind Beltran and in front of Sheffield/Castro.

Gary Sheffield gets the start in left field on Saturday against the Brewers, with Daniel Murphy getting his first day off. Luis Castillo moves to the No. 2 hole as a result. source Daily News