Memo to Gilbert Arenas: Shut Up and Play

Sean StancillSenior Writer IApril 2, 2008



Gilbert Arenas is on the cover of NBA Live '08, yet has only played eight games this season.

Arenas has been sidelined since those eight games because of surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

After hearing information from the Washington Wizards team doctor Marc Connell that his knee might not yet be ready, he threw a temper tantrum and declared he would not participate in any game for the Wizards’ this season. Arenas later backed off this stance.

On March 29, Arenas was cleared to play. But he has declined to play in Washington's recent contests and there is no scheduled game in which he will make his return.

What's taking him so long? What he is doing? Why won't he play?

By milking his time on the disabled list, Gilbert has decided to use his time off strategically by not playing in any games fearing possible low-grade results that may cause his stock in the free agency market will plummet.

Instead, he will leave teams to reminisce on his trademark “hibachi” screams, walk away buzzer beaters, All Star athleticism, and his pre-injury performance. He has made repeated quotes saying that he will not play until he feels it is “100 percent.”

''I'm not in really basketball shape.”

“Don't have no rhythm to the game.”

“We'll see what the decision is once we get back to D.C.''

Agent-Zero then topped himself by pulling a Kobe-like move by flip flopping his statements when asked he if plan to leave the team 

''Just sign Antawn first and then I'll take the pay cut, to keep the team intact''.

''Going to a team like the Lakers, Dallas, any championship team, I'd have to take a pay cut to go there. The pay cut is if I leave I have to take a pay cut, if Antawn comes back, I'd have to take a pay cut''.

Agent Zero is acting like child  by pulling off these tirades. Being paid to sit on the bench and act as the team's unofficial mascot isn't enough for him. He has to open his mouth.

Agent Zero is depriving the Washington Wizards’ fans of excitement and the Wizards' team of a superstar point guard, captain, and possibly a championship if he declines to lace up his sneakers in the playoffs.

He has, however, continued to write blogs on Frankly his blogs aren't at all good. They are about as interesting as watching the news. I bet that you can find better reads then that on Bleacher Report.

Am I the only one tired of hearing Gilbert Arenas complain about his easy season? Time for Agent Zero to stop talking start doing. Actions speak louder than words.