WrestleMania XXV: The Botches and the Funny Moments

Gagan SamraContributor IApril 18, 2009

It has been almost two weeks since WrestleMania XXV stunned and surprised wrestling fans around the world. I, like many, caught a replay of WrestleMania recently. This time around, however, I caught some very interesting moments that some of you might have caught as well as others that you might not have caught.


Money in the Bank

1. Shelton's dive off the top of the ladder nearly killed him, as he almost landed on his head. It should also be noted that only one of the six men (Kofi Kingston) actually caught Shelton, which might have saved his life.

2. Christian attempted to deliver a Killswitch from a horizontal ladder on CM Punk. However, Punk did not have enough room to get his body flat against the ring, and they both collapsed onto the ring floor.

3. Shelton botched his attempted power bomb on MVP, which caused the crowd to yell "You F*** Up!!"


Kid Rock's Performance

There was this very funny moment where Kid Rock tries to get the crowd to sing along with him during a chorus of one of his songs. The result, an awkward three to five seconds of complete silence. Very funny. Do not expect to see Kid Rock in the WWE anytime soon.


Divas Battle Royal

The whole match was a complete mess, but here is the most notable botch that many people may not have caught.

Gail Kim attempted a Hurricarana on Jillian, but accidentally let go of the ropes and before she could get into the ring, Jillian lands on her head, and she could not recover.


Jericho vs. The Legends

1. When the Legends are making their entrances, Ric Flair proceeds to kiss both Steamboat and Snuka, but forgets to add a peck on the cheek to Piper. Whether this was intentional or not, this led to some funny moments with Piper later on in the match.

2. While the Legends argue who should be in the ring, Piper definitively ends the debate with a good old "Get the f*** out of my ring" to his fellow partners. He then proceeds to call Jericho a "Motherf*****" and other various swear words.

3.  Before Piper is eliminated, he attempts a standing dropkick, but this goes horribly wrong.

4. The Rourke-Jericho confrontation did not go over well with the live audience as Jericho went down after one of Rourke's "vicious" punches.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals

Before I attempt to point of some of the bad moments in this match, I want everyone to know that I consider this match one of the greatest in WrestleMania history. The Undertaker is my favourite wrestler and he, along with Micheals, put on a great performance.

The Undertaker's suicide dive, like Shelton's, nearly ended in disaster as the cameraman Sim Snuka failed to properly catch the Deadman, which almost resulted in 300 pounds coming down on Taker's head. Whether he was selling the bump or not, the Undertaker took some time to get back in the ring.

After Taker delivers his first choke slam, Jim Ross proceeds to declare the move "a devastating clothesline." Another very funny moment.

Micheal's reverse DDT on the Undertaker did not go as planned.  He did not even closely land the move. The WWE's production crew even gave us a blatant replay of the botched move.

HHH vs. Randy Orton

1. When HHH and Orton are battling on the outside near the announcer's desk, another commentary mistake was made, this time by Jerry Lawler. He exclaims "He is on the top rope. Here he comes, look out." However, Orton and HHH are battling right in front of him when he is saying this.

2. Orton reverses the pedigree by flipping HHH onto the announcer's table. Some say that this was not a botch, but I have to disagree. That is a very painful move to take and he conveniently landed on the Spanish announcing team's table, which I am afraid to say was probably there to serve a similar purpose as the ECW announcer's table.

3. Towards the end of the match, HHH pounds away viciously on Orton before screaming his frustration. If you listen closely, the referee proceeds to tell HHH, "You have got one more minute. Wrap it up." Soon after, HHH lands the pedigree for the win.

It is very funny that the match that many found very lackluster, the World Heavyweight Championship match, probably had the least amount of mistakes.

I don't consider the Intercontinental title match very noteworthy except for J.R.'s comment about Heath Ledger, and the funny sign someone held up during JBL's entrance, "JBL = FAIL."


Well, there you have it.

I probably missed some that others may have noticed, so I appreciate any input from the readers.

If you like, go back and watch the event and try to pick up on the mistakes that I found.

WrestleMania may not go down as the historic event that people anticipated it to be and by the many funny mistakes and botches, many wrestling fans may remember WrestleMania XXV as a blooper-filled event.