One Down Two More to Go: With the Canucks Loss, Will the Team Make the Playoffs?

Leo WongContributor IApril 1, 2008

 Last Sunday the Vancouver Canucks put on the best effort the fans were longing to see all season long.  A 6-2 win over division rival Calgary Flames with Markus Naslund scoring a much-needed hard-working goal and Trevor Linden scoring the game-winning plus insurance goals.  When Linden was named the first star of the night, the adoring fans were on their feet.  The heroic efforts of the both Markus Naslund and Trevor Linden were outstanding.  After the game, the fans in Vancouver became hopeful.  Vancouver fans were emotionally in a roller-coaster ride.

 However, what ever happened last Sunday was gone at second period tonight.  The Canucks were leading 2-0 going into the second period.  Fans behind the TV screen and in GM place were in complete disinterest at third period.  The life were sucked out of the adoring fan.  What happened?  Once again, the fans out in Vancouver faithfully watched their team blow a 2-0 lead for the second time.

 Now with tonight's game, was it a complete lack of effort? NO! As a matter of fact, it was not even close. The best way to put it was no luck. If the lady luck was on cheering for anybody, she was on the Avs' side. Let's look at the goals. The first goal on Luongo started with a questionable holding call on Salo along the wall.  The second goal happened when Willie Mitchell was trying to drive the puck toward the net.  Unfortunately for him, the stick broke.  Seizing the opportunity, Hejduk scored as Stastny "unintentionally" ran into Luongo.  On the third goal, Sakic fired but missed the net but bounced off the wall and found its way to Wolski. He then scored as Luongo was down from trying to stop the initial shot.  The forth goal, at the offensive zone the puck some how bounced off of Willie Mitchell's stick during a pass.  Brunette stole the puck and gave Forsberg the break away pass.  Before they can recover, it was already 4-2.

 Look at the season the Canucks have had so far.  From the start of the season, the Canucks were facing injury problems.  They were missing most of their defense for most of the season.  The second point, how many goals against Luongo were due to strange bounces this year?  The most memorable one was a strange bounce off of Taylor Pyatt's stick and Luongo lost track of it.  It went in as if a meteoroid hit the earth.  It was clear that who ever they prayed to; they've prayed to the wrong God.

 Now the bad news.  With tonight's loss and Nashville's 4-3 overtime win, the Canucks are now back in the 9th place out of a playoff spot.  They have only two more games left in the regular season and their destiny no longer is in their hands.  They are now at the mercy of the Blues on Thursday and the Blackhawks on Friday.  The only hope they have right now to make the playoffs is to win both games at GM Place against the Oilers on Thursday and the Flames on Saturday and hopefully Nashville Predators lose one or both remaining games.

 It is time for every Canucks fan to pray to the hockey God and hope that the Lady Luck would some how put on a Canucks Jersey.