This Year's Finals: Which Will Top the List?

Taylor GramAnalyst IApril 1, 2008

This year's upcoming finals (March Madness, NBA and NHL playoffs, etc.) are going to get tons of viewers, but which will be the most entertaining? Here are my top choices.


4. NCAA Spring championships

Are any games besides the actual championship games going to be aired? If they are, do they really get that many viewers. Unless your alma-mater is playing in the sport you participated in—lacrosse, softball, baseball, hockey—I don't think so...Which leads us to No. 3.


3. NHL PLayoffs

Does anybody tune in to the NHL anyway? If they don't watch the regular season what's going to provoke them to watch a bunch of teams they haven't seen play yet for the right to go to the next round against a team they haven't heard of?

Most of the fans are in Canada, so why is it centered here in the US? I'm from Texas (no we don't ride horses and say Yeeehawwww) and I could MAYBE name three people who care about hockey.


2. March Madness

We're now down to the Final Four, and this was a tough one to place. On one hand we have no Final Four Cinderellas—maybe even a No. 3 or No. 4 seeded team would suffice, but they're all No. 1.

March Madness is always previewed to be the chance for David vs. Goliath upsets, which Davidson gave us, but because we're fans of the little guy we want more! Now there is no chance of that.

On the other hand they are all No. 1 seeds, which will play out to be some awesome basketball. Most people would want to see the big dogs like Kansas and UNC play. These teams are soooo good, there's no way to actually KNOW who will come out on top. Some fans like to watch just the Final Four to get to know the future NBA stars. There are tons of reasons to watch, but it still bows down to the number one.


1. NBA Playoffs

This year's Western Conference is so unpredictable people will be begging for the season to end and the playoffs to start. You'll have No. 1 seeds playing teams that only lost seven or eight games more than they did—not that I'm saying the No. 8 seeds are just as good, but it will be a series to see. Everyone will be anxious to see if the Rockets can keep up with just McGrady, no Yao.

Then you have rivals playing all throughout the playoffs. The Southwest division has a chance, if the Mavs can hold on (and last year who would have thought they would need to hold on?) to send four out of five teams to the playoffs.

The team of the 2000s: the San Antonio Spurs. The"Let's play better when our star is out": the Houston Rockets. The "We have an awesomely amazing point guard": the New Orleans Hornets. And the "Let's let everyone down in the Dallas Area next year": the Dallas Mavericks.

The odd-ball team is the Grizzlies, who won't be in the playoffs soon. On top of that three of the teams are from Texas!

Now let's talk about the East. OK, well there's not much to talk about other than the Celtics and Pistons will duel it out for the right to go to the finals. I'm not a huge Celtics fan but I would like to see K.G get a ring.


So those are the upcoming finals. You tune in and be the judge.