A Can of Pringles: SD! Will Ultimately "Smack Down" the New Stacked RAW

AkDSenior Writer IApril 16, 2009

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't WWE trying to establish RAW as the superior show and leave Smackdown as the B show? I'm sure many people with the WWE's fan nation feels the same way.

What am I talking about?

RAW has John Cena, HBK, Randy Orton, Triple H, Batista, Big Show, and MVP. My brother proceeded to scold me after the supplemental draft.

Who does Smackdown have? Huh?

CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, and Edge...wow. I'm a RAW guy, but after what has transpired this week, Smackdown might be the show to watch. WWE has a track record of always having their intention backfire on them.

Most recently, John Cena and Randy Orton are examples of this. John Cena is supposed to be the hero's hero, but millions of fans across the nation (the world too) hate his guts. John Cena sticks up for the fans and the legends whenever they're down talked, but we all hate his guts.

Randy Orton is supposed to be a vicious heel, yet he can't gain heat. He punted the McMahons and all, but everyone loves him.

Back on topic, RAW has been stacked like friggin' can of Pringles and Vince and company are probably laughing it up in Titan Towers congratulating each other the words "mission accomplished".

Actually they've done the opposite of what they intended. WWE has thrown not a curveball, but a boomerang. Everything is going to come back to get them, their curve ball has hitten them in the face, thus making it a boomerang.

I've seen this before. To be a bit more meticulous, this can be described as a "sugar rush". If that doesn't pain an imagine in your head, then I'll use a better term..the "Red Bull" effect.

RAW is going to get the boost they wanted, there's no doubt about that. When that burst of energy ends, it'll be Friday nights that will stand tall.

As I put my thoughts together, my brother continues to tell me that I'm an idiot and that I've betrayed RAW. I turn to the little incessant fly and tell him my views.

It seems many, like my brother, are crying and or laughing at the fact that RAW is beefed up and encourage me to do the same.

First, let's look at something here shall we? I'll start with the present. RAW has a crappy main event. RAW has a six man tag with Shane McMahon (Stop wrestling please), Triple H and Batista vs Orton and Priceless aka Legacy for the WWE title at Backlash.

They have hmm, about a week to add more build up. Big Show, MVP, and the rest of the stacked pringles are floating around. They can leave them be, or try to throw some matches without reasoning.

Which do you think WWE would pick?

Nevertheless, RAW's roster is filled like an uptown number four train during rush hour on the way to Yankee Stadium. This isn't really "new" or "shocking". Besides MVP and Kendrick, everyone has already made a trip around RAW, a sort of "been there, done that" thing.

Matt Hardy, Triple H, Kennedy, Carlito and virtually every RAW pick has been on RAW before. Miz counts as well as he has been wrestling on RAW as if he was part of the roster. The only difference is that he won't be on ECW.

As for ECW, I have a quick tangent...HART FOUNDATION.

Now, I'm not busting RAW's chops, but how long will it take before the "sugar rush" ends? This transtions into the future, the long run. RAW will be RAW, they'll always be the same mid cards and the same main event stars.

The only star who probably stands a chance of becoming a main event star is MVP. Stars have skills, but popularity rules the WWE universe these days, so I know that other stars have various in-ring abilities and work ethics.

Smackdown has completed the mission of the draft. Smackdown has fresh faces and the door has opened for new stories and possibilities. RAW is capable of this, but Smackdown has stars who have never stepped foot in their ring the likes of Ricky Ortiz and Cryme Tyme.

Digging deeper into the Friday night show, they don't have much big names. There is Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Edge, and the Undertaker. CM Punk is Mr. MITB and SD! has no world title, so that leaves the show shrouded in mystery a bit, thus implementing suspense from the fans.

Punk still isn't a main event star again, he's at the ceiling again since he has the case. Due to the fact of lack of huge names, someone besides Punk is surely to rise up into the main event card. Without Christian being drafted, the chances of mid card talents finally breaking through to the big times have increased.

The door is possibly open.

The names in my mind are John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin. Whether or not those two stars actually do make it to main event status is up for debate, but the point is that those two have a better chance at making it to the main event status than practically the entire RAW mid card with MVP maybe being the only exception.

When something becomes stacked, there is barely room for movement. Things become stuffed thus things becoming locked, much like the RAW roster.

How much progress do you really expect to see?

Take two cups and pour the exactly same amount of water in there. Now, put ice cubes in one cup, label that cap "RAW". The water raises and we assume that cup has more water. We're exploring volume. WWE can mold the play dough anyway they want, it's still the same.

Regardless of the all the huge names on RAW, Smackdown is still equal if not better. What WWE have failed to fathom is that the stars alone doesn't make the show. Physical presence can't always get you want you want.

Effort, and creativity, opportunities (something WWE doesn't give much), in the form of pushes makes the shows.

Sometimes you have to take the gamble, close your hands and take a roll of the die. RAW's "Red Bull-sugar rush" effect will come to a halt eventually and Smackdown will ultimately layeth the smackdown on RAW.