LeBron James to Be Better Than MJ

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LeBron James to Be Better Than MJ
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Like an overplayed song on the radio, sports fans are getting sick of today’s star athletes. Decades ago, players like Mickey Mantle, Wilt Chamberlin and Jim Brown were loved by all fans unless they played for their favorite team’s rival.

Now players with similar, if not better talent and character, are viewed much differently. It appears that along with the introduction of high-definition television, fans not only view these players with a clearer picture, but with disdain as well.

Entering stage left, LeBron James enters the sports realm of America. Ever since Michael Jordan retired (for the third time, that is), basketball fans have searched the globe to find another player that could live up to Jordan's hype. 

LeBron James, ladies and gentlemen, is that man.

While it may seem like I'm just another fan caught up in the hyperbole that the media  seems to award him with every time he touches the ball, I am not on "LeBron's dick," as the cool kids seem to say these days, like other bloggers

(I can't believe I just called myself a blogger. Talk about social suicide).

The cliche "man among boys" was made for LeBron James just like the song "Eye of the Tiger" is a tribute to Tiger Woods.  LeBron is a legit 6-foot-8 (as opposed to Bulls guard Ben Gordon being listed at 6-foot-3 when he's 6 feet tall at best) and 270 pounds. 

Yes, 270 pounds!!!  He weighs more than his teammate, center Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  Yet, he has the the quickness of a guard and the strength of a center—270 pounds of almost all muscle will do that for a guy. 

He can shoot, drive, pass, rebound, dunk (boy can he dunk), and his defense is improving.  And the fact that he recently became old enough to legally drink is a good way to show that he still has time to improve his skills.

Sure, MJ was great, and LeBron isn't as good as him yet. But watching The King (on and off the court) play makes me laugh at the thought of what he could do if he played college basketball along side Michael Conley and Greg Oden at Ohio St., where he would have attended if he had not went straight to the highest level of basketball in the land. 

LeBron James is great, this year's MVP and soon to be the best.  He can win five MVP's and in my opinion doesn't need to win six championships in order to be as good as Jordan. I mean, look LeBron's supporting cast.  I guess Mo Williams' got some game but after him who do they got? Anderson Varejao?  Nope.

Because we live in an “in the moment society,” where anything that is good becomes “the best thing since…” (see Barack Obama’s election day being the greatest day in American History, perforated notebook paper and Snuggies), hype becomes not only abundant, but just plain annoying.

But please, PLEASE do not think that way about LeBron James.  It may be hard to believe, but he might be underrated.  That's how good he is.  MJ, watch out.  The KING has arrived.

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