Vince Can't See Me: Week 4 Wednesday Night Warzone

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

Welcome to Wednesday Night Warzone. Dark Resonance was a great success and great preparations are going towards are next PPV Hell's Gate.

Match 1 The Rock, Lucas Berndt, and John Cena Vs. Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, and Big Show

Jericho was pissed off since he lost at Dark Resonance. He challenged Lucas to a six-man tag match. Lucas and Jericho start the match and Lucas is really handing Jericho a beating. Jericho has already been Rock Bottomed twice.

Hogan tags himself in though and starts beating on Lucas. Lucas gets an upper cut in and has time to tag in The Rock. The Rock starts beating on Hulk and then Hulk tags Jericho back in.

The Rock tags Lucas back in and after Lucas Rock Bottoms Jericho. The Rock and Lucas double People's Elbow Jericho and Lucas picks up the win.

After the match Lucas takes the mic. "Jericho get your ass off my show. I'm tired of this shit of yours and I'm going to finish this." Lucas then turns to the two nWo members. "I'm finishing the nWo off too."

Cena and The Rock go after the nWo members. Cena Attitude Adjustments Big Show, The Rock Rock Bottoms Hogan, and Lucas uses the Super Smasher. Security then runs in and Lucas has them take the three men out.

Lucas then takes the mic again. "Tonight we will also see a new stable form. Myself, The Rock, and John Cena are now The King's of EHW. Thank you."

All three leave. It then cuts to a trailer for a new movie. It features Lucas, The Rock, and Cena. It is called "Gauntlet Run." It is an action flick about three men who must make it to an artifact of immense power before a group of freaks capture it and transform the whole world to be like them.

After the main part of the trailer ends you see that it is being made by EHW Pictures. The people cheer and then Lucas comes back out. "What do you think about EHW Pictures' new movie?" The crowd roars their approval. "Well each week we'll be giving away two sets of tickets for the premier in Hollywood. Don't worry we'll also pay for your plane tickets to get there."

The crowd cheers then Lucas hits a button that starts two cameras. One on each side. The cameras stop on two people. Celeste Winchester and Jay Rob. Lucas then goes up and gives them the pairs of tickets they won personally.

Match 2 Finlay Vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi had no chance. He tries to hit Finlay, but Finlay catches him and then uses the Celtic Cross on him. After the match Lucas comes out and pays Finlay a bonus for finishing the match so quickly.

The show then ends with a promo for Hell's Gate. It looks so awesome that everyone is on their feet roaring their approval. JR then ends the show making sure everyone knew that "Gauntlet Run" premiers in three weeks, and Hell's Gate would come out in two.