The Draft That Killed and Buried the Tag-Team Division

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 15, 2009

The 2009 Draft has not done good but not as much it has done bad to a division on life support: the Tag Team Division.

Kendrick and Jackson, Finlay and Hornswoggle (if that counts),  Ryder and Hawkins, Jesse and Festus, and Miz and Morrison.

Layla and William Regal were broken up so there goes a team that wasn't that great but just another team that feel to the draft.

That, I have no idea who that leaves.

What can the WWE be thinking the tag team division is already on life support and it just went flat-line.

The WWE must have new teams coming in because this is just crazy you are separating some good teams here the ones they have left.

I feel the WWE has just moved the tag team division out of the way ever since 2007 so what is left of the tag division. Exactly my point.

We have lost two former World or WWE tag Team Champions and that's not including Hardy's if you count that.

We have lost five tag teams six counting Hardy's but no one really is.

I believe that we are seeing the funeral of tag team division right in front of our eyes.

It has truly turned to ever man for himself in the crazy jungle that is the WWE.

Now the only tag teams we have left in the WWE are:

Colons: The Champs were split but now back together so I mean it reallydoesn't mean much though.

Legacy: Ok the best team in the WWE right now. The only team in the WWE right now.

Cryme Tyme: There were split but are back together again that was close i was looking forward to seeing them on there own though but we will never know now.

I'm pretty sure this is it wow great list of teams.

A possible team that could be great if put together is DH Smith and Tyson Kidd.

With the 22nd pick we could see the return of the World Greatest Tag Team.

Grade for tag team division: I can't even give them an F becasue it's worse than that.

The only way the tag team division will get back together is Triple and HBK reuniting and the Brothers of Destruction but that is only two teams we would need another hand full just to say it is an ok tag division.

Can we just bury the World and WWE Tag Championships to while we are at it.