The Nickel: Morrison/Bourne, Last Stand? Tiffany's Big Move, ECW Recap

AkDSenior Writer IApril 14, 2009

Race To Backlash Tournament Ends at WWE Superstars

ECW's Tiffany is already making her mark in the company; she's wasted no time springing into action. First, she sets up the "Race to Backlash" tournament, in which Mark Henry was eliminated in the first round.

Jack Swagger pays Tiffany a visit in hopes of getting a special Q & A for himself on WWE Superstars on Thursday. Instead, Tiffany books the final of the race to Backlash tournament, which is an excellent move for the debut of WWE's new show.

John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne

This is what I'm talking about. If this was Morrison's last match as a member of the ECW roster, it was great. Morrison brought it to Evan "Air" Bourne in an exciting, high-flying, fast-paced match.

For the second straight night, Evan Bourne performed great. Unfortunately, he lost to Rey Mysterio on RAW and on ECW, he lost to John Morrison. What will be the fate of Bourne and Morrison? We'll see after today's supplemental draft.

Koslov Debuts

Wow, here's something I wanted to see. Koslov makes his debut in the land of extreme and had some douche job for him. He's still screaming for competition, does anyone find that weird?

Last time I checked, HBK, Taker, and Triple H not only gave him "competition," but kicked his butt as well. Maybe they kicked his butt so bad he must have forgotten that his undefeated streak was snapped.

How long to the most boring in-ring performer challenges for the ECW title? Pshh, how long until he gets released? "Competition?" I want "entertainment."

Christian vs. Dreamer vs. Finlay

I knew for a fact that Christian was going to the finals, it's obvious. It's also cool that he'll be wrestling Thursday instead of next week on ECW. The triple threat was decent I suppose, John Morrison and Evan Bourne took the show.

Christian jumped off the top rope a couple of times and Dreamer was boring as hell. I love the guy, a true legend, but he's just boring these days. Anyway, he goes for his ECW corner-turnbuckle baseball slide.

Christian gets caught in the ropes while Finlay and Dreamer fight to the finish. Dreamer almost had Finlay with a school boy pin, but he falls victim to the Celtic cross and that gives Finlay the three count...sorry Dreamer.

Christian will meet Finlay in the finals on WWE Superstars. If Christian loses the match, then the entire Backlash card so far will be doomed. Finlay vs Swagger isn't going to cut it this time.

Rest of the show

- WWE promotes WWE Superstars as promos are shown and there is a big poster in Tiffany's office.

- ECW did fairly good.