Take the MMA Quiz 1.0

Anthony AscueAnalyst IApril 14, 2009

CULVER CITY, CA - DECEMBER 14:  Rapper LL Cool J with UFC fighters perform onstage at Spike TV's 2008 'Video Game Awards' held at Sony Pictures' Studios on December 14, 2008 in Culver City, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV)

Alright for a change of pace I decided to do something fun. For all you die hard MMA fans out there, here is a short quiz to test your knowledge of the sport! try and do this with out the use of google, yes I know it is tempting. Have fun and best of luck :)

1) Who is the UFC's first and only bantamweight champion?

2) Which UFC event saw the end of "The Dark Ages?"

3) What is the dirty/illegal fight move that has been coined "The old Maurice Smith trick?"

4) What was the first MMA fight to be broadcasted on US cable television?

5) What was the first UFC event to start hosting entrance music for each fighter?

6) The "Atomic butt drop" was a move, coined by Randy Couture, and used in what fight?

7) Which former UFC fighter was quoted to saying that he was "The gweatest eva, eva"

8) The "FIRST" staredown between Wanderlei & Liddell took place in which UFC event?

9) In the Pride 2000 GP, what was the total amount of time that Kazushi Sakuraba fought in?

10) The man nick named "Cabbage," in the UFC almost had a contract ending post fight altercation  against which former UFC fighter?

11) Which one of these gyms was Anderson Silva, not formerly a part of:
A) Chute Box
B) Gracie JiuJitsu Academy
C) Brazilian Top Team

12) The first time Cro Cop fought Wanderlei Silva, the match was a draw and was contested by "Special rules." What were the stipulations of those rules?

13) Who is the former UFC fighter, rumoured to have etched his name in the back of the UFC's MW/LHW belt?

14) The only loss on Fedor's record was because of an unintentional cut with in the first couple of seconds in the fight. Why was the fight not ruled a NC?

15) Which former UFC fighter was the first and only UFC fighter to be included in SI's 100 most sexiest bachelor's list?

16) Pride's LW division was adjusted to 160, reportedly because of which former top ranked Pride LW stand out? (and his constant failure to make 155)

17) During the Pride era, while these two never locked horns, Josh Barnett once publicly called out Fedor to challenge him to a fight, but did so speaking in Japanese. Roughly translated, what did Barnett say to Fedor?

18) Which former Pride fighter earned the most yellow cards overall during his tenure in Pride?

19) Who was the only Pride fighter to ever get kissed during the pre-fight staredown?

20) In the 2000 Pride GP, the fight between Sakuraba and Mezger was considered a draw and was set to go to an overtime round. What stopped the fight from going to this overtime round?

Feel free to post your answers down. I'll post the correct answers on my page later!