WWE RAW Rewind: Draft Leaves Fans Breathless, Unsurprised at Times

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IApril 14, 2009

Tonight's RAW was about being monumental. So I leave it up to the B/R Nation: Was it monumental enough? You decide.

Tonight marks a monumental shift in the way things work around the WWE. In a live 3-Hour Spectacular Event, RAW plays host to the 2009 WWE Draft. With that, here’s the Rewind from RAW.

Before the show goes live, we get a look back at last week’s RAW featuring The McMahons, Legacy and the returning Batista.

The show goes live with Cole, King, JR, Todd Grisham, Matt Stryker & Josh Matthews…followed by the arrival of The Animal!

Batista comes out and says that he’s been just waiting for the day when he can get retribution for what Randy Orton did to him four months ago. He then calls out Orton, only to get his Backlash tag team partner Shane McMahon instead.

Shane comes out and tells Batista that he wants Orton tonight as well. This prompts the WWE Champion to come out and voice his thoughts on the situation.

The Game comes out and blames himself for what has happened to his family. He then decides that Randy Orton is his.

With that, Vickie Guerrero makes her first official appearance as RAW GM. Vickie tries to smooth things over by telling the three men that Orton has the night off.

She then informs them that they will face Priceless in a Handicap Match. Whoever wins gets Orton. She leaves the entrance way with all three men staring each other down.

Draft Selection Match

Evan Bourne (ECW) vs. Rey Mysterio (RAW)

The two start the match with a series of lucha libre like moves. Back in the ring, Bourne nails a flying dropkick to gain the early advantage. He continues the pressure with a super kick followed by a standing moonsault.

Bourne then goes for the Airbourne, but Rey turns it into a hurracanrana. Rey bounces back and hits the 619 followed by the West Coast Splash to pick up the win and the first pick for RAW.

With the first pick, RAW gets…MVP!

Draft Selection Match

Kane (RAW) vs. The Brian Kendrick (SmackDown)

Kendrick starts off by slapping Kane, which angers the Big Red Monster. After dropping Jackson with a big boot, he refocuses his attention on Kendrick. After blocking The Kendrick, Kane drops him with a choke slam to get the win and get RAW another draft pick.

With the second pick, RAW gets…Big Show!

Back on the program, Randy Orton confronts Vickie Guerrero about not putting the WWE Championship up for grabs in the event that Triple H wins tonight.

Guerrero decides that if Priceless wins, the loser faces Legacy next week on RAW. With that, John Cena gets confronted by Jack Swagger. But Cena turns Swagger’s promo into a funny joke.

Draft Selection Match

RAW Divas (Mickie, Melina & Kelly) vs. SmackDown Divas (Maryse, Michelle & Natalya)

While Maryse and Michelle argue over who will start the match, the RAW Divas start the physicality by going straight after all three divas. But when the bell rings, Michelle takes control of Mickie, but Mickie fights back with a head scissors takeover.

As she goes off the top rope, Michelle nails the big boot to pick up the win and earn SmackDown its first victory.

With the third pick, SmackDown gets…Women’s Champion Melina!

Draft Selection Match (Champion vs. Champion)

ECW Champion Jack Swagger (ECW) vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena (RAW)

Swagger continues to trash talk and attempt to bully Cena as the match begins. Swagger uses his mat skills to keep the World Heavyweight Champion grounded, but his cockiness leads to a fist fight with the World Champion from RAW.

On the outside, Cena drops Swagger with a huge clothesline. Swagger recovers with a huge clothesline and continues the punishment with a series of shots in the corner followed by a massive clothesline.

Cena tries to fight back, but Swagger manages to lock in the Masterlock, but Cena strengthens out of it and drops Swagger with the Beantown Bomb followed by the 5-Knuckle Shuffle.

Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Swagger wiggles out and hits the big boot. Swagger regains control by shooting Cena into a steel post followed by tackling him out to the announcers table.

Back in the ring, both men are down for the count. Both men get up, with Cena getting brief control before Swagger drops him with a DDT. Swagger continues the pressure, but he is still unable to put RAW’s World Heavyweight Champion away.

Swagger goes up top, but Cena catches him and nails the Attitude Adjustment before forcing the tap out with the STF. RAW gets the victory and the two draft picks.

With the fourth pick, RAW gets…Matt Hardy! And with the fifth pick, RAW gets…WWE Champion Triple H!

After the draft picks, Edge pops in and attacks Cena. But as Cena prepares to hit the Attitude Adjustment, Edge slips out of the ring and runs up the ramp. Heading into break,

Cena celebrates the victory and we get a quick look at one of the other main events for tonight.

Back on the show, Randy Orton is trying to motivate his team to victory tonight.


Draft Selection Match

Santino (RAW) vs. The Great Khali (SmackDown)

Before the bell, Beth Phoenix informs her brother that if Santino loses, Santina will be a guest on the Khali Kiss Cam.

Santino is quickly taken out, and Khali takes him down with The Khali Chop before picking up the victory and earning SmackDown its second pick tonight.

With the sixth pick, SmackDown gets…Mr. Money In The Bank, CM Punk!

In the back, The Dirt Sheet head to the ring for their Draft Selection Match.

Draft Selection Match

The Miz (ECW) vs. Kofi Kingston (RAW)

Miz has early troubles getting the advantage as Kofi drops him with a shoulder block. Miz gets control as his Bromance partner looks on, but Kofi shows his high flying stunts as he fakes a dive only to drop Miz with a diving dropkick. But thanks to Morrison, Miz gets control with a diving dropkick of his own.

Back in the ring, Miz continues the pressure with a headlock. But Kofi starts to fight back with a snap mare followed by a flying lariat. He prepares for the Boom Boom Boom but gets put on hold for a brief moment.

He instead nails the cross body, only to have it turned around. Miz prepares to go in for the kill, but gets dropped with a Jamaican Leg Sweep followed by the Boom 3 Leg Drop. Kingston prepares for Trouble in Paradise but misses it.

As Kingston goes up top, Morrison pushes him off, only to get disqualified and earn RAW the Draft Pick.

With the seventh pick, RAW gets…The Miz!

Following the announcement, The Miz embraces his former partner…then drops him with a Reality Check! Going into the break, we prepare for the Tri-Branded Battle Royal…with two draft picks on the line!

Draft Selection Match

15-Man Tri-Branded Battle Royal

RAW (Big Show, MVP, Mike Knox & Cryme Tyme)

ECW (Finlay, Mark Henry, Tyson Kidd, Paul Burchill & Ricky Ortiz)

SmackDown (The Colons, R-Truth, Chavo & Edge)

All 15 men battle it out in all four corners. Ricky Ortiz becomes the first man to get eliminated, followed by Pau Burchill. Mark Henry eliminates Mike Knox and Shad, while Big Show tosses Chavo Guerrero and Primo Colon.

Henry takes out R-Truth and JTG, while Big Show takes out Tyson Kidd. Big Show violently takes out Carlito, while Mark Henry takes out MVP. Edge eliminates Finlay, but Big Show choke slams the Rated R Superstar before focusing on Mark Henry.

In an impressive show of strength, Big Show pulls Henry over the other side. Both men battle on the top rope before Show takes him out with the Big Knockout punch. Edge pulls down the ropes and eliminates Big Show to win the Battle Royal and earn SmackDown two draft picks.

With the eighth pick in the draft, SmackDown gets…Kane! And with the ninth pick, SmackDown gets…Chris Jericho!

Draft Selection Match

Christian (ECW) vs. Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown)

Shelton goes on the early offensive with a quick T-Bone Suplex. But Christian starts to fight back with a drop toe hold only to get launched with a reverse suplex that sends him to the outside of the ring.

Christian dodges a Dragon Whip and goes for the Killswitch, but Shelton counters into a backbreaker. The two battle in a corner, but Christian lands the Killswitch to get the victory and earn ECW their first draft pick.

With the tenth pick, ECW gets…Vladimir Kozlov!

Draft Selection Match

CM Punk (SmackDown) vs. Matt Hardy (RAW)

The two men try to get the advantage and their finishers early, but Punk gets control before getting dropped with a faceplant.

Hardy continues the pressure on Punk’s ribs with an abdominal stretch. Punk manages to get out of the submission and lands a series of kicks followed by a knee lift.

Following a knee lift and bulldog, Punk is unable to nail the GTS and gets caught with the Side Effect. But before the match could continue, Jeff comes in and drops his brother with a faceplant. Hardy wins the match via disqualification. RAW gets the draft pick.

With the 11th pick, RAW gets…Divas Champion Maryse!

Draft Selection Match

Chris Jericho (SmackDown) vs. Tommy Dreamer (ECW)

Dreamer shows his extreme side by taking the fight both in and out of the ring. Back in the ring, Jericho gets control of the fight with a series of kicks and stomps. Thanks to some underhanded tactics, Jericho has complete control of the match.

Dreamer starts fighting back with a set of clotheslines followed by the corner dropkick to level Jericho. Dreamer prepares for the Dreamstreet, but Jericho almost locks in the Walls of Jericho. Dreamer drops Jericho with a inverted power bomb, but only gets a two count. Dreamer goes up top and gets caught with the Codebreaker. Jericho gets the victory for SmackDown, and SmackDown gets the draft pick.

With the 12 and final live pick, SmackDown gets…Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio!

Following the final pick, Priceless makes their way to the ring for the main event.

Three on Two Handicap Match

Priceless vs. Shane McMahon, Batista & Triple H

As Batista and Triple H debate who will start, Shane goes on the assault on Cody Rhodes. Shane begins his Juking punches, but Batista stops him before the final blow. He then takes the shoulders to Ted DiBiase followed by a big boot. Triple H tags himself in but not before getting a cheap shot on DiBiase. Following the face buster, Triple H levels TD with a vicious clothesline.

After the spine buster, Batista comes in and pulls Triple H off of DiBiase. This allows Priceless to get control. Priceless continues control with a dropkick followed by a few double teams. Both Rhodes and DiBiase continue to focus on the legs of Triple H, but when Triple H gets a chance at a tag, he comes up short.

The Game manages to get the tag, and Batista comes in and drops both men before delivering an Oklahoma Slam to DiBiase. After Shane takes out Rhodes, Batista delivers a spine buster before signaling that it’s time to drop The Bomb.

As Batista goes for the pinfall, Shane comes in to break up the count. As Shane and Batista battle it out, Triple H delivers the Pedigree to get the victory and ensure that he will get a match with Randy Orton next week on RAW.

After the bell, Randy Orton comes out to eye his opponent for next Monday night as RAW goes off the air.


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