WWE Draft Night: Here We Go Again

Lamar BoltonContributor IApril 13, 2009

Closing in on the draft Raw show, and I can hardly wait. Everytime they do one of these things it's like watching a train wreck about to happen and hoping the damage isn't too bad.

Right out of the chute, they have a little problem with their second tier titles and the men that are holding them. Both Rey Mysterio and MVP are more then likely going to switch shows, so what do you do about the belts they are wearing right now?

The easy answer will be to let the belts go with them.

But the problem might be that the IC belt has been associated with Raw for so long, there might be some back lash about moving it, and replacing it with a belt that was once the property of WCW. I personally don't mind the switch; it might put some fresh ideas in creative's heads.

Next up is howthey are they going to split up the women.

It leaked out on the net over the weekend that Maryse and Melina might be switching shows. This one I really like because it splits up Maryse and Michelle McCool, which really needs to be done, Bringing Melina to Smackdown upgrades the in-ring quality of the SD Women.

I can see a Gail Kim-Melina feud in the near future.

Finally, Triple H wants back on Raw, and this one should be obvious. If they are going to continue this Orton thing, then they have to move one of them. Same with Cena. If Triple H moves to Raw, then Cena has got to move as well. Cena is much more kid-friendly, and since they will need to have a big name on Smackdown, it's the obvious choice.

For any of you that might be interested, I think I'm gonna be live blogging from my alter ego's blog tonight. Just go to my Bleacher profile, and click on Lamar's Web site button.