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Chris BrowneCorrespondent IApril 13, 2009

Anyone that's been here longer than the past few months knows how horrible the Wrestling section has gotten in the past few weeks.

First it was everyone bitching about Christian and Jeff Hardy. Then it was everyone bitching about Wrestlemania. Now its bitching over who wants to run things now on B/R as CL.

Honestly, this feels like I'm trying to campaign to be Class President...of my 5th grade class.

Few people aside, for the most part, from what I've seen in the past few weeks, the majority of the Wrestling section on B/R now are officially retarded.

We all forget something. Everything comes down to Zander. So for those of you keeping score at home, that's bullet Numero Uno.

1. Zander controls all.

It doesnt matter who gets put in place of Ron. You campaign to have a better ranking system or change what articles are put up and shit, yet NONE OF YOU CAN DO IT.

Not a damn one of you can fix the ranking system. We've all bitched about it for months now, and gotten nowhere. What makes you think it's going to start now?

For the record, and as much as I like Shane, I think AkD deserves to be the main man right now. Dude has pumped out more articles in a short amount of time than most of the other writers combined, including myself. Shane is our "Lasting Face", AkD is the "Rising Star."

Shane was Trips, AkD is Orton, and with this article now, I'm the muscle, and therefore the roided up Botchtista.

My underlying theme: Leave the system where it is, and co-leadership to Shane-O.
The Ranking system wont be fixed, and for what Ron lacks in appearances, Shane picks up for. Thats what we need—Balance.

But before I go on and campaign more and thus become like the masses on B/R that Ive spent the past few months avoiding: QUIT THE BULLSHIT.

Nobody cares on B/R how many articles you've written. We've already gone over the topic 100,000 times—Quantity does NOT under any circumstance equal quality. Mark that under Bullet Numero Dos.

1. Zander controls all.
  -So shut the hell up!

2. Quantity DOES NOT under any circumstance equal Quality.
  -Take Burgett out of the ranks.

Now with Dos tackled, lemme take time to address for the LAST EFFIN TIME the Ron/Ray issue.

Was Ron wrong to criticize Ray's opinion just because it was different than his own? You bet your ass he was. But, and a major BUT, he apologized, which is more than most of this section would do in that given situation.  So does that ease up the tension on Ron? Surely.

As for Ray, its easy to criticize Ray for being mad when none of you are in his shoes. And for the record, do I know Ray? Absolutely not.  But here's the time for Bullet Numero Tres: Personal Insults never, NEVER get answered calmly.

1. Zander controls all.
  -So shut the hell up!

2. Quantity DOES NOT under any circumstance equal Quality.
  -Take Burgett out of the running.

3. Personal Insults never, NEVER get answered calmly.
  -Again, SHUT THE HELL UP! ex. 'The Professor", "Cerebral Assassin", "Joe Burgett's articles."

Stop telling Ray he's wrong for being pissed. His opinion is solely his, no one elses. And in this case, he had someone who's supposed to be high up in the status' of B/R telling him he's wrong on his opinion, which is impossible.

The man got insulted personally, and thus it takes longer to forget. Not a single damn one of you would be any differently than Ray, myself included, if plugged in the situation, and for proof of that, look at any of Burgett's articles, or look-up The Professor.

Time now for the final bullet here and my final reason for breaking my silence to lay the verbal smackdown on 80% of you.


1. Zander controls all.
  -So shut the hell up!

2. Quantity DOES NOT under any circumstance equal Quality.
  -Take Burgett out of the running.

3. Personal Insults never, NEVER get answered calmly.
  -Again, SHUT THE HELL UP! ex. 'The Professor", "Cerebral Assassin", "Joe Burgett's articles."

  -Again, most of you shut the hell up!

*Side Note* If I don't talk to you and never have, dont waste the cleanliness of my bulletin board on your worthless articles. Chances are, if I didnt check you out before, Im not going to check up on your "AMAZING NEW ARTICLES" no matter how much you pimp it out on my page.

This entire section has become filled with so much political bullshit in the past few weeks that it no longer is about writing about something that we're all supposed to have common ground in: Wrestling.

Sure, we may not all like the same matches, and we have different stances. Some like superstars that are heels, and of course naturally fans of faces get pissed off. People forget, if the shows were meant to be one dimensional and biased so that only half of the locker room got cheered and half of the locker room got booed, NOBODY WOULD WATCH.

What would be the point? The difference in opinions on the people that take the time out of their busy lives to attend, cheer and watch the events is what makes the company. It's a form of entertainment.

We're all meant to have different stances on everything from matches to pushes to title reigns. Thats what we're for. And should we butt heads? Absolutely.

But the bottom line is that there should be coverage of articles, not bullshit online politics about who should be No. 1 on the site or who should be community leader.  Stop wasting the time of the people who come on here to look for WRESTLING ARTICLES and get back to the reason you should all be on the page in the first place.

As a final note, I'm sure the section will go to shit again in another few weeks, and since there's a shortage of decent articles anymore and thus no reason for me to stay on here regularly, stay tuned for the next installment of Down Since Day One in another few weeks.

Feel free to comment, bitch/moan/complain about whatever you want. Not gonna lie, most of your comments I wont even read. But someone needed to put the section in its place.

Where can I comment?

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