WWE Draft 2009: Raw, ECW, Smackdown is on the Clock

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 12, 2009

The WWE will be holding its seventh annual draft as only one had only one pick from each show in 2006 for ECW. From 2002-2005 was only Raw and SmackDown. Since 2007 it has been tri-branded.

The WWE has had shocking picks in the last few years in the WWE will 2009 edition be another one that we will be talking about for years to come.

Last year we saw SmackDown win big in the draft with people like Triple H, Jeff Hardy, and many more heading to Friday night as ECW got snubbed again and Raw got thinned just a little.

This year Raw will look to buff up and try to go big in this year's draft. I see a lot of big names making there way back to Raw and I see some people leaving Raw also but will they exchange big names or giving out mid-carders.

Who I expect to go from the Raw roster: John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Melina

Who should go fro the Raw roster: Kane, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Michael Cole

The biggest shock to go: Shawn Michaels

Send him to ECW please: Santino Marella

Raw Draft Summary: The Raw roster will be beefed this year in the draft expect that and I see some big names returning to the old stumpping grounds this year.

This year ECW will again get the short end of the stick as ECW will lose all it's up-and-comers as they will most likely go to Raw or SmackDown.

Who I expect to go from the ECW roster: Everyone (Just kidding) Christian, Evan Bourne, John Morrison

Who should go from the ECW roster: Miz, Finlay

The biggest shock to go: Tyson Kidd

Send him to Raw please: Evan Bourne

ECW Draft Summary: The ECW roster will start from scrath again and look to see new superstars on ECW in the coming weeks after the draft. ECW will lose all there horse power in 2009 draft.

This year SmackDown will not have a draft like they had last year and I would be suprised if they do becasue I just see Raw getting beefed up again so I see big names leaving SmackDown in this years draft.

Who I expect to go from SmackDown roster: Triple H, Matt Hardy

Who should go from the SmackDown roster: Edge, Jim Ross, MVP, Shelton Benjamin

The biggest shock to go: Undertaker

Send him to ECW please: DH Smith

SmackDown Draft Summary: SmackDown will get a big name that has been around the block before and I see some new faces showing up on Friday Nights.

My Draft picks for the WWE 2009 Draft (Not in any order):

1. Triple H going to Raw

2. Rey Mysterio going to SmackDown

3. John Cena going to SmackDown

4. CM Punk going to SmackDown

5. Matt Hardy going to Raw

6. John Morrison going to Raw

7. Christian going to Raw

8. Edge going to Raw

9. Jim Ross going to Raw

10. Michael Cole going to SmackDown

11. Big Show going to Raw

12. Vladimir Kozlov going to ECW

Supplemental Draft

1. Kane going to SmackDown

2. Melina going to SmackDown

3. Maryse going to Raw

4. Dolph Ziggler going to ECW

5. Kofi Kingston going to SmackDown

6. Miz going to SmackDown

7. Jamie Noble going to ECW

8. Finlay and Hornswoggle going to SmackDown

9. William Regal going to ECW

10. MVP going to Raw

11. Shelton Benjamin going to Raw

12. Natyla going to ECW

13. Great Khali going to ECW

So what do you think of these picks do you agree or disagree.