The WWE Superstars Show: Good or Bad?

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The WWE Superstars Show: Good or Bad?
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This upcoming Thursday, Apr. 16, the WWE will be premiering a brand new show called WWE Superstars. The point of the show is to air some original matches that we have not seen before.

Isn't that why we are having the draft? So we can see original matches that we haven't seen before, some fresh feuds and the starting of new career long rivalries to be born.

I don't see the point of having this show. Is it supposed to remind us of the old days when there was one brand? WWE there are so many problems about premiering this show.

1)   You will probably use this show just to promote rivalries that are happening on the other brands and the matches will most likely be mid card matches that we could see in the future that could be main event caliber matches.

2)    There is no title on this brand it is basically random people who don't have problems with each other wrestling in matches because they have to. Don't get me wrong, wrestling is entertaining but the way there building this show says to me all random matches and the main event just plays off star power and nothing else.

3)    I have never even heard of WGN TV, so its rating will most likely be very low for this program. Maybe lower than TNA. If that’s even possible.

But I will be tuning in to this show and I will judge it. I hope they make this show as good as it can possibly be it will be interesting how it all plays out. I still have several questions about this show. One in particular: Will there be a GM?

Please post a comment on what you think of this Superstar show.

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