Why Legacy Is a Burden to Legacy

AkDSenior Writer IApril 11, 2009

First, don't be confused by the title, there is no mistake. I meant what I entitled this article and I'll explain why.

Earlier today, I read an article by Celeste Winchester. It was titled:

Is Legacy A Burden to Orton?

The article focuses on Legacy possibly holding Orton back and or keeping him from getting over that last hump to the championship or just plain progressing. I thought I'd put my spin on it, give my outlook.

Folks, this isn't a rant or me calling out Celeste, I just wanted to share my outlook while providing a link to make fathoming of this article easier.

I've been looking at this angle for a while now. It's been a couple months for Legacy, huh?

The question was raised on whether or not Orton's stable is a burden to himself. This is an interesting topic and this certainly isn't the first time it's been brought up. Since the inception of the group, many have been drooling.

I have been myself. Comparisons to Evolution were drawn and assumption of a McMahon alliance into the stable were drooled about. The point is we were excited. We weren't excited for no apparent reason, we had history on our side.

Yes, good ol' history. The world watched as Batista and Randy Orton emerged as two of today's biggest stars in the WWE with the help of Triple H and Ric Flair. With that, we poised for an emulation of Evolution.

Umm, we didn't exactly get that. Randy Orton's recent feud with Triple H with the McMahons and the Legacy's expectation not meeting the bar have resulted in these questions being asked today.

What went wrong?

Is Legacy holding back Orton?

Why haven't they dominated by now?

I don't have all the answers, but I have my outlook. I don't think Legacy is an burden on Orton. I think Orton is burden to Legacy. As a matter of fact, I have one better, Legacy is a burden to Legacy.

Yes, Orton and Priceless are both suffering. Orton is getting all of the spotlight as well. I found my self questioning this group much like Celeste and others are doing today and it didn't go so well in class..

"Umm, I don't think Legacy is doing well"

"WHAT?! These men are dominating WWE!"

"But they aren't doing anything, when was the last time Rhodes or DiBiase picked up the mic or something?"

I was sent to the corner and sat in a chair resiting Wrestlemania matches and I had a heartburn every time Diva Batttle royal and Triple H vs Randy Orton, and especially JBL vs Rey Mysterio. I was in the corner with a dunce cap on my head.

Back to the topic, It's just bad on both sides. Orton isn't going to be able to get a clean victory and must always look like a coward always attacking stars with Legacy. Granted he is a heel and he must gain heat, it's just not looking good to me.

The question here is if Legacy is holding him back. I believe Legacy may be a burden to some extent but not so much. Priceless were doing quite fine on their own prior to Orton coming along.

Ted was punted (written off) so he can film The Marine 2, a straight to DVD film...or lord why? Rhodes were dragged through the mud along with Sunka and Manu when they arrived.

They were two time World Tag team champions and had more action back then than now. Orton began the whole Legacy campaign and was demanding that Rhodes, DiBiase, Snuka and Manu had to prove themselves.

Manu and Snuka didn't make it into the group. After week of "proving themselves" Orton let them into the stable. Since then they've..

-Been Orton's scapegoats (Take the beatings while Orton runs away)

-Haven't talked on the mic

-Barely wrestled

-No character development

-Advertised for the shopzone (They walk out, say nothing, do nothing, and wear the Legacy shirt)

-Hold up the down opponents so Orton can talk trash or inflict more pain and humiliation

-Haven't held any gold since joining Orton


Since Legacy, Randy Orton has...

-Heard voices in his head

-Gotten a push

-Had "I.E.D."

-Brought cops, attorneys, and psychiatrists

-Always needs Rhodes and DiBiase to take down someone

-Goes crazy on the stage as he watches his scapegoats take the beating for him

-Talk about Legacy being the future and whatnot

-Still hasn't capture the WWE title

-Looks like a bigger coward than he ever was

Both sides are suffered quite enough, I should say. The 6-man tag match at Backlash isn't helping anything, but Priceless' tag match against the Colons on Smackdown was a step in the right direction.

Can they turn it around? Yes. Will they? Only time will tell. What's my conclusion?

Legacy is a burden to Legacy.


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