WWE: Fresh Faces Need to Hold Gold, Current Champs Need to Go Without

Josh McClureContributor IApril 10, 2009

I'm probably not alone when I say that I'm tired of the current champions on Raw and Smackdown.

Every time you turn around, John Cena, Triple H, Edge, or Batista is holding one of the two titles.

The numbers don't lie, either.  In order, you have five, 13, eight, and four title reigns.  That's 32 all together. What's more, most of those have come in the past three to five years.

As much as I don't like Randy Orton, at least he is someone different to be holding the belt. It was a shock when Jeff Hardy won the WWE title when he did. CM Punk's reign was short-lived and kicked to the curb with then-Priceless taking him out backstage in an attempt to impress Orton.

All three of these guys face have a great fanbase, but WWE time and time again wants to have the belt on one of their "untouchables," so to speak.

This is a shame, really. I'm an immensely huge Jeff Hardy fan and I felt that Jeff being in a championship match at WM25 would have been a bigger draw than Jeff vs. Matt.  We're talking about one of—if not the most—universally popular guy on the roster here. 

Randy Orton is firmly established and by the end of this year, will likely be primed and ready to carry the WWE into the next "generation."

CM Punk is a different feel kind of champion. You can't say he's like Hardy. He's not the "rocker" kind of type that Y2J has off and on.  What Punk brings to the table is straightforward, but energetic.

With someone like Cena, it's mostly younger kids that really like him. So I understand WWE's draw to have the belt on him. He's clean-cut and has great mic skills.  Perfect person for that demographic. 

Triple H reaches out more to the "Attitude-era" fans that long for the yesteryear hey-day of wrestling. 

Edge is a great heel who does well with the belt, I just don't like how he gets it most times (which is what makes him a great heel). 

Batista just makes a boring champ. I like Batista, I just don't like him as a champ. He is very dry when it comes to charisma, and you've got to have some to be a good champ.

So, who are some "fresh faces" that WWE should put the belt on? The three previously mentioned (Orton, Hardy, and Punk) need to get the belt back sometime this year.  Some others, old and new, who would be good to get the belt on include:



If the Big Red Machine is not moved, this guy needs to get some sort of push. Kane has been going to waste over the past few years, just sitting in the mid-card section. He's had the ECW title, but that's the equivalent of Triple-A Minor League Baseball at the moment. It's the ECW "A" team.  If ECW were beefed up some, then it wouldn't be as bad.


Rey Mysterio

The biggest little man should have another title run.  His only one was made to look like a fluke afterwards due to his many squash matches afterwards. I'm sure there is some hesitancy to do so, since Rey has not been able to stay healthy for long periods of time after knee surgery. That may be changing, though.  The IC title was a nice start.


Matt Hardy

Actually, I think the best draw for the match between these two at WM25 would have been for it to be for Jeff's belt (if he still had it). That's the one thing that's goofy about their feud right now.  If Matt hates the fact Jeff has done better, why waste time on Jeff and not be going after the title???  But I digress.

With Matt's new character, and the fact that he carried ECW single-handedly, he would do well as a main-brand champ.



One of the people who many thought would win MITB.  He's talented, he's got the charisma, I hope he gets his shot someday.


Shelton Benjamin

For someone who is as athletically gifted as he is, it makes me wonder why he hasn't been pushed more. Supposedly, he has said that he doesn't want a main title because he doesn't want to do all the travel that's involved. Either way, no number of second-tier championships will ever truly highlight the athletic prowess of the Gold Standard.



Captain Charisma needs this feather in his cap to put the icing on his career. This is basically the only title he's never held. He's been the top guy in TNA, so if Vince would ever get his eyes checked, Christian would become a top guy in WWE.

Then there are the guys who have a few years, but will likely be champs someday.


DiBiase and Rhodes

The sons of two legends have the raw talent and the looks to be champs someday.  There's even been rumors that DiBiase would be the one to break Taker's WM streak someday.


Evan Bourne

The Rey Mysterio of the next generation in terms of size and excitement.  This one would be huge if it happened sooner than later. People love this guy.


Kofi Kingston

If MITB taught us anything, its that this guy can steal the show. Well, that is until two legends light up the night, but that's another story. 

Kofi easily had the highlight reel of the MITB match, despite not winning. His unorthodox style and big charisma has won fans over quick, not to mention his insane agility and quickness.


John Morrisson

Unfairly compared to a young HBK, John Morrison will be a great top-level competitor some day.  If there's anyone out of this group who could jump up within the next year, Morrison would be that person.  He's already had a ECW title run, a few IC titles, and a few tag titles as well.  He's gifted athletically, he's got the looks, he just needs to drop Miz.