Foundation Shaker: Nominees for Wrestling Co-Community Leader

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IApril 10, 2009

After the past week, I for one am glad that WrestleMania 25 is officially in the books. However, there has been one valid point that I do need some help with.

So with that being said, I took a glance at everyone's opinion on who should run the show when I have other engagements.

After having a conversation with Zander Freund, he asked me flat out who I think would be a perfect fit for the role of Co-Community Leader.

But before I go into that, allow me to apologize again to those I hurt by my actions and apologize for my absenteeism from the Wrestling Nation.

With that said, here are the people I have chosen based on talent and skills alone:


1. Ray Bogusz

Despite the animosity we had toward each other this week, Ray is arguably one of the best unknown talents on the site. He has that Triple H feel that makes me smirk at some of the things that he displays.

Through either biased or unbiased commentary, he has a tendency to bring his own brand of justice to the table.

Why would he make a good CL? He thinks of the people before himself, and in this business, it's good to have a guy like that to turn to when the main CL is unable to be found.


2. Shane Howard

The 2008 Co-Writer of the Year has earned that spot for a reason: Because he is that damn good.

He reminds me of Shawn Michaels in a way, due to his showstopping attitude. He believes in controversy, but doesn't let it get in the way of delivering some smash-mouth articles.

Why would he be a good CL? He has the knowledge and talent necessary to continue propelling this Community into the mainstream.


3. Chris Browne

Every good writer deserves a loyal fan. In CB's case, his loyalty to Shane Howard is well documented. Though not on the site for a long period of time, that has not stopped him from becoming a huge basis for this particular conversation.

That explains why he would be a good CL...but being Vice President won't do in this case. He has continued to make it clear that we should follow the lead of Barack Obama and change the foundation of our world.

He is also the guy who has pushed for Shane as well as himself to lead that charge. He has the leadership qualities, but will it end with Shane and Chris earning that particular spot that they crave?


4. Jason Le Blanc

This guy is no JBL...and that's a good thing. He reminds of Santino Marella completely. His comedic pieces make me roll on the floor every single time. Comedy seems to kill the animosity quicker than just some show recaps or pay per view previews.

He is up to date on all the latest going ons, which makes him a good choice. And I must have seen something in him to bestow my role onto him when I had to leave for personal reasons.

But unfortunately, he loved the thought of using the executive bathroom, and now, he wants the key full time.


5. Joe Burgett

He has been called many things, but one thing that has allowed JB to stand above the rest is his ability to continue dishing out articles like a madman. Many like him, but many also hate him.

Does that make him the John Cena of the Community? Possibly.

But he does have a little Edge in him as well. He knows an opportunity when he sees it, and he capitalizes on that opportunity at a moment's notice.

Should he become the Assistant CL? Most would vote for the guy, but most would think that he shouldn't join the party.


6. Ross

The 2008 Co-Writer of the Year made it clear to me that, because I'm not here, we need a backup plan. I believe that Ross is that go-to guy. He continues to surpass his own expectations with to-the-point articles and no-nonsense commentary.

When Ross won the award, I couldn't help but be proud of how far he has gone. I won't show bias, but I know that he won't lead the community down the wrong path on the time that I am absent from it.

He won that award last year for a reason. He believes in the success of this site as much as I have, which is why I feel that he is a good candidate.

With that said, there are my six nominees for the role. Next Friday, we will announce the Co-Community Leader in a special edition of the Pro Wrestling Top 10. The winner will be the No. 1 Superstar of the Week and Top Dog of the Day.

Every vote counts, so if you want your favorite or the best to earn the victory, start voting the moment this article goes public.