Why Jason Kidd Is Struggling in Dallas

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMarch 30, 2008

35-year-old Jason Kidd isn’t ready to be thrown back into the highly competitive conference that is the West.

Kidd lacks the speed, desire, will power, and stamina he once had in the East, where he recently had a great deal of success. In the Eastern Conference he took the New Jersey Nets to two straight finals appearances. It was there that he averaged a triple double in a postseason series.

Since playing for Dallas, however, his minutes per game total have been the lowest of the season. He hasn’t had a triple double, and he only shot 37 percent in March.

Kidd would be flourishing on a Cleveland squad with LeBron James right now if only Danny Ferry had made that trade. He would have been at home alongside Mr. Ohio, feeding him the ball and his ego.

Since rejoining the Dallas Mavericks and the Western Conference, he has looked sluggish and out of order, factoring into the Mavs' 0-10 record against over 500 ball clubs.

J-Kidd hasn’t played for a Western Conference team since the Phoenix Suns in the '00-'01 season. How long has it really been, and how has the NBA changed? What happened that year?


•The Lakers won their second championship of their epic threepeat thanks to Shaq.

•The Philadelphia Sixers made it to the NBA Finals with the help of Allen Iverson.

•The Milwaukee Bucks (52-30) had the second best record in the entire Eastern Conference.

•The New York Knicks (48-34) were a playoff bound team in the third seed.

•The Golden State Warriors had a record of 17-65, good for the worst record in the West.

•The Charlotte Hornets still existed as a NBA Franchise.

•The Memphis Grizzlies were the Vancouver Grizzlies.

•The Portland Trailblazers were still in the Pacific Division. 

•Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash were teammates in Dallas.

•Shawn Bradley led the league in blocks.

•Reggie Miller was still a player on the Indiana Pacers.

•John Stockton was still playing for the Utah Jazz.


Truly shocking, huh?