Turkish Super League Preview..Week 27

AHMET BOB TURGUTCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

12 Dec 1999:  Group B team managers (L to R) Robert Waseige of Belgium, Mustafa Denizli of Turkey, Tommy Soderberg of Sweden and Dino Zoff of Italy pose with the European Championship trophy at the Euro 2000 Final Round Draw at the Expo in Brussels, Belgium. \ Mandatory Credit: Ben Radford /Allsport


As we get closer to the end of the season in the Turkish Turkcell Super League, the excitement on top and agony of defeat feeling at the bottom, is in full force...

After all disappointment scores by big guns of Istanbul, Sivasspor just could not open the gap, wide open. Instead, they are only one point in front of second place Besiktas and five points away from three teams.

Those teams are, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, and Trabzonspor. tThey all have 47 points.

Sivasspor has 52 and Besiktas is with 51 points...

So, I think the 27th week, will be the turning point, for the teams who is in the top race, in my opinion.

Sivaspor just can't afford to lose a point or points at home this week.

They are playing against the team who was won their last three matches and most improved team of the year Antalyaspor.

Ever since rookie coach Mehmet Ozdilek, took over the coaching job, Antalyaspor has moved up from bottom to mid level in the league.

Besiktas who plays on Friday could capture the first place, if they beat Kocaelispor in Kocaeli. But, lets not forget Kocaelispor has been the giant killer, this year in the league...

They demolish Galatasaray in Istanbul in front of their own stadium. Kocaelispor is in fire zone of the league.

That's why, it will not be easy match for Besiktas, in my opinion.

Sivaspor and Trabzonspor will play on Saturday...


The match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce on Sunday, could be the match of the year in my opinion.

The loser might as well just say good bye to the top spot!

A draw won't help either team...but, it will help Sivasspor and Besiktas!

So, Playing in front of full house in Ali Samiyen Stadium, it will be a huge match.

Looking at both teams, they both are hurting, as far injuries.

Galatasaray has no defense and can't less for 90 minutes on the field.

On the other hand, Fenerbahce,is hot and cold!

Consestancy is not with Fenerbahce this year.

The midfielder Alex De Souza most likely will not play in this match.

If Bulent Korkmaz wakes up and gives Lincoln a chance to play, Galatasaray midfield will be strong with Milan Baros on top.

But, let's not forget Semih Senturk and Guiza for Fenerbahce, if they play together, they could spell danger for Galatasaray.

So, "old fox" Aragones against "untrusted and unstable" Bulent Korkmaz.

It is the most important match for both teams.

If Galatasaray wants to still challenge Sivasspor and Besiktas, they have to win this match.

Because, they still have to face Sivaspor and Besiktas, yet!.

Fenerbahce has to play only against Besiktas.

Let me just remind everybody, that Galatasary will be traveling to Sivas to play Sivaspor, in the last week of the Tukcell Super League.

What a match that would be!

Again, there is a lot of football to be played yet in the league.
As they say in Turkish, we will see a lot of water running under the bridge yet...

But, the top teams and the teams who are fighting for their life in the league, just can't afford to lose points anymore.

Kocaelispor vs. Besiktas


Bursaspor vs MKE Ankaragücü
Istanbul BB vs Gaziantepspor
Sivasspor vs Antalyaspor
Hacettepe vs Trabzonspor


Eskisehirspor vs BB Ankaraspor
Genclerbirligi vs Konyaspor
Kayserispor  vs Denizlispor
Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce