The Bears Need a Beast Not a Poster Boy From This Years Draft

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The Bears Need a Beast Not a Poster Boy From This Years Draft
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I have been a football fan my entire life and I bleed the blue and orange.

I have seen many Bears surefire draft picks come and go. From Lionel Antonie to Cade McNown, I have seen them come with so much promise and then blow up.

This is why I now believe the NFL draft is overrated.

First of all, what makes a football player great isn't only physical abilities, or the Wonderlic test.

There is a measurable that can't be taken by a stopwatch, and that is heart.

Look at players like Ray Lewis and Dick Butkus, who have that warrior mentally, a player that goes to war when he hits the field and give you all he has on every play.

With the addition of Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace the Bears have addressed the "attitude" problem on offense, however they need a SOB on defense.

Football, after all, isn't a game for nice guys, and the Bears have too many on defense, just look at Urlacher, Harris and Briggs.

While all great players in their own right, they are too nice. Think about it—does Urlacher make you feel Butkus or Singletary? Or does Charles Tillman remind you of Doug Plank?

This brings me back to the draft, where you can't find those types of players in the first or second rounds. You find them in the later rounds, some kid from the Middle-of-Nowhere University whom had to scratch for everything he has earned.

He had to carry his own equipment bag in college and his career options outside of football may be limited.

He has a huge chip on his shoulder because he felt he got a raw deal coming out of high school, and could care less about the media, and even less about the team he is playing on Sunday. He will play with pain, and will knock the snot out of the opponent.

He could wear all the "bling" known to mankind and not be a media darling, just get the Bears back to being the Monsters of the Midway.

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