Ranking the Running Game, Pt. 20: Miami Dolphins

Jeff LittleSenior Writer IMarch 30, 2008

Part 20 of a 32 part series, a running back position analysis of each franchise. The Miami Dolphins; using the words of newly installed Executive Vice President of Football Operations Bill Parcells, “when you go 1-15, you need a lot of help.” This is a football team reminiscent of an old-car in need of a complete overhaul of the engine. It does have some young guys from last year’s draft who can develop. Bill Parcels’ has cleaned house and got rid of a lot of the former players. He is starting fresh which also means that this team won’t win a lot this season or next for that matter. No disrespect to Dolphin fans just stating a fact. The former Dallas Cowboys Assistant Head Coach Tony Sparano has replaced Cam Cameron as the 8th Head Coach in the teams 42 year history. The Dolphins as a team rushed for 98.1 yards per game.


·        Jesse Chatman: 5’ 8”, 223 lbs,  128 Att, 515 Yards, 4.0 YPC Avg, 1 TD

·        Ronnie Brown: 6’ 0”, 232 lbs,  119 Att, 602 Yards, 5.1 YPC Avg, 4 TD’s

·        Samkon Gado: 5’ 10”, 226 lbs,   53 Att, 150 Yards, 2.8 YPC Avg, 4 TD’s

·        Lorenzo Booker: 5’ 10”, 191 lbs. 28 Att, 125 Yards, 4.5 YPC Avg.


Booker proved to be the brightest spot in the lost season once he made it on the field regularly breaking tackles with his electrifying speed and moves.  Perhaps one of the bigger mysteries of a horrible season was why this effective runner and pass-catcher wasn’t played sooner. The Dolphins don’t have a big need for a running back but will select one later in this draft with the loss of Chatman and possible loss of Samkon Gado.

It appears that with over $30 million guaranteed, you can add the Dolphins to the list of teams that don’t really want the 1st overall draft pick.

The question for the Dolphins: Will the team keep the #1 overall pick or trade out?