Giants Flip the Script in Opening-Day Slugfest Win Against Milwaukee

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IApril 8, 2009

Remember when we thought that every game for the San Francisco Giants was going to be an offensive struggle through yet another season of trials and tribulations?

Opening Day at AT&T Park was anything but the norm.

How did Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum do? Last only three innings.

How did the second-worse offense from 2008 fair? Scored 10 runs.

With the little ace struggling to find his fastball, the bats picked up the slack in a major way, pounding out 12 hits in their 10-6 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers Tuesday afternoon.

He came out of Spring Training in a self-admitted funk and it seems as though it has followed him into the regular season.

Lincecum labored, searching for any kind of control to keep him in the game and get batters out. The result was the shortest outing of his short career, failing to make it into the fourth inning.

It's a new year and teams now put a target on The Franchise's back.

Yet fear not, nothing is physically wrong with Lincecum. Throwing 78 pitches in three innings certainly didn't help his cause to stay in the game longer and manager Bruce Bochy made it perfectly clear that taking him out of the game had everything to do with his struggles to find the plate and nothing to do with an injury.

Everybody has these outings over the course of a season. But this is Wonderkid Lincecum and the expectations are almost as high the Yankees' payroll.

But the story of the day, almost as impressive as Cy Lincecum struggling and taking his start with "a grain of rice," was how impressive the Giants offense was.

The four-five-six hitters went a combined 6-for-14 with a home run and four RBI and throw Aaron Rowand's impressive 2-for-3 performance with a two-run homer, it looks even better.

All three Giants players that went yard, Rowand, Bengie Molina, and Randy Winn, were all but absent from Spring Training, but with the games on the official record and counting for good, the vets came through.

It took the Giants eight games to hit three home run. The 2009 version of the Giants met that number in the eighth inning of the season opener.

That's what I like to call an improvement.

By no means will the Giants score ten runs every game or will there be a Travis Ishikawa legging out a triple sighting every week. We could very well be saying a week from now that this is the same team we've seen for the past couple of seasons and that the quality pitching will be wasted because of the lackluster offense.

But at least for one day there was a reason to smile.

However, you shouldn't be too happy about the offense, Matt Cain will be on the mound Thursday, so runs will be a premium just a few days from now. Maybe setting your Facebook status to "Giants 2009 World Series Champions" is a little premature.