Why Randy Orton's Legacy Will Fall!

Daltonio AlexanderCorrespondent IApril 7, 2009

Even though I strongly do not condone the actions committed by the Legacy, I do on the other hand have great respect for them.

Regardless of there excepted paths as renowned heels, Cody and Ted are two-time tag team champions. Once for obviously winning them originally, and they then won the titles back from "The Animal" Dave Batista and John Cena.

In Randy's case, enough said.

Now finally, to proceed with the title.

The two youngest members of the Legacy have accomplished so much in such a short period of time, before and after Randy had helped them acquire and achieve greater noteriety.

It should appear obvious to most that they have an apparent level of potential for the future when it comes to entertainment, which will be found stimulating by the large fan base. Not only with physical performance, but intellectual creativity and presence.

Randy's reliance on to use them as protection will in the end, forcibly create an existence for failure. Cody and Ted with realize Randy's trickery, whether it be that they have succomed to the thought that their services have been partially beneficial or not.

On top of my opinionative exposure of that area of reality, Cody Rhodes especially has every reason to eventually turn his back on Randy Orton.

Yes, I will admit that for the immediate future he will most likely remain loyal, however, the matter of ending Dusty Rhodes career with an unjustified, over kill, punt to the head might prove to be a memorable moment in Cody's career.

I believe if the opportunity should arise, Cody might have the sudden urge to rightfully return the favor to the Legend Killer.

I realize every member of the Legacy is a heel, and is to be expected that they with play it safe, but one thing that may also be a downfall to the Legacy would be the absence of warranted aid/help when necessary unless of course it is beneficial to Randy. Conflicts in that area may appear.

I will admit that some of statistics may be incorrect, so honestly feel free to correct me if that does prove to be the case. Also, this article in its entirety has been based off my personal predictions, and opinions, so I hope that no one is offended by any of its content.

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