WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show Must End Here

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 11, 2013


It’s time for the WWE to shuffle up and deal a new round of matchups as the company continues down the road toward WrestleMania 29.

In other words, at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, the battle waged between Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show over the World Heavyweight Championship must come to an end. Sorry to say it, but one of the better feuds in the WWE in some time needs to take a hiatus for a while and allow the WWE creative team (snicker) to concentrate on making WrestleMania 29 the extravaganza it needs to be.

How in the world will the WWE top what was arguably the greatest WrestleMania event of all time last year in Miami? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see where the creative and fertile minds of the WWE brass take us.

The WWE is actually in a pretty good situation if it can keep momentum on its side.

Del Rio's feud with Big Show and The Rock's recent win at the Royal Rumble have been lightning rods for the company. There is great depth on the roster—almost too many players in the game—and that means there are great opportunities for excellence, like the WHC Chamber match coming up.

With the tag team situation really up in the air again, the WWE can pick and choose how it wants to make WrestleMania great. Coming up with a new feud for the WHC is the right way to go.

The fact that former champions will be in an elimination chamber with a chance to recapture glory is a great thing for the fans and could produce some awesome rivalries that could become great WM 29 matches. Personally, I like a feud between Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan, but I can see Mark Henry taking on ADR, which is really not a good match at all.

Are you listening, WWE management?

There are only 55 days remaining until WrestleMania 29. The Elimination Chamber PPV is crucial to the success of the event. There is no buildup like John Cena and The Rock this year. The WWE has to hope the success of the show in six days can lead us all into believing WM29 is the best ever.

Changing gears with ADR and Big Show is the first step toward making that happen.