Formula One: Quotes From Malaysia Race

Mike CassCorrespondent IApril 7, 2017

In this regular feature I will be selecting the best quotes of the F1 race weekend and at the end of the season I will pick the best 10.


Slim pickings from Malaysia due to the serious matter of the McLaren lying incident, but here are my picks.



During Race


Robert Kubica, BMW Team Radio:


“I hear some strange noises from the engine. Very strange noises from the engine!”


Felipe Massa, Ferrari Team Radio:


“I need a white visor. Please come on. White visor. Otherwise I can't see anything!”


To which Rob Smedly replied:

“Felipe baby stay cool, we're bringing you the white visor. Stay cool. We're in a good position OK?”


Someone should tell Massa to calm down. It's only a car race and Rob Smedly should check his radio procedures, as I don't think "Felipe baby" is good radio practice.


Mark Webber when asked about safety concerns if the race was to be restarted, came out with this gem:


"This is not racing, this is a T-bone job on the back straight!"



Post Race


Jenson Button in the press conference gave his thoughts on the race:


“What a crazy race!”


“When the safety car is pulling away at 20 seconds a lap, you know that it's too wet for an F1 car.”



Nico Rosberg was asked about how it was to drive in the the torrential rain and he replied, "I was going 30km/h on full wets and I couldn't keep the car on the road. It was ridiculous."



Ridiculous indeed!