Chris Jericho: 5 Feuds for Him in WWE After He's Done with Dolph Ziggler

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Chris Jericho: 5 Feuds for Him in WWE After He's Done with Dolph Ziggler

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    Chris Jericho has returned to break the walls down in WWE once again, temporarily reigniting his feud with Dolph Ziggler.

    However, what does Chris Jericho do after he’s done feuding with Ziggler?

    Jericho has seemingly returned as a babyface, which means the majority of his future feuds should be with heels. There is one exception on this list, but that is because their interactions in the past have suggested that they would be very entertaining to watch.

    In Jericho’s last run with WWE, he helped put over Ziggler who was a younger Superstar trying to reach the main-event level.

    Can Jericho do the same for another up-and-coming Superstar in WWE?

    Here are five feuds for Chris Jericho after he’s done with Ziggler that would benefit everyone involved, including the fans.

Wade Barrett

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    Chris Jericho holds the record for most number of reigns as Intercontinental champion so it would only be fitting for him to feud with the current title holder, Wade Barrett.

    Jericho and Barrett also have a history together during the first season of NXT. Jericho was Barrett’s pro, giving the former a reason to claim that Barrett has been so successful due to Jericho’s mentoring.

    While Wade Barrett is currently feuding with NXT newcomer Bo Dallas, it seems too soon for the youngster to capture the title. Barrett is likely to end his feud with Dallas around the same time Jericho finishes his current feud with Ziggler.

Antonio Cesaro

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    Another champion for Chris Jericho to feud with is the current United States champion, Antonio Cesaro.

    Cesaro is currently feuding with The Miz, but like Bo Dallas with Barrett, the awesome one is not expected to dethrone Cesaro.

    Antonio Cesaro has not had many legitimate contenders to his title, but Chris Jericho can change that. Jericho is one of the most accomplished Superstars in WWE history. A feud with Jericho may help Cesaro rise to the next level of his career.

    Jericho may not be American, but his mic skills and charisma could help carry the feud as Cesaro looks to continue to improve in those areas.

Daniel Bryan

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    The only babyface on this list, Daniel Bryan must be considered for a feud with Chris Jericho after he’s done with Dolph Ziggler.

    Both Superstars have incredibly catchy and addicting catchphrases that would make any interaction between them practically golden. We saw a brief instance of this in Jericho’s last return to WWE.

    While Daniel Bryan is still in his storyline with Kane, it seems as though the tag team may be on its way to dissolving. Perhaps when Team Hell No splits up, Jericho’s feud with Ziggler will be complete. Thus, a feud between Bryan and Jericho would be imminent.

Big E Langston

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    An easy transition after he’s done with Dolph Ziggler is to have Chris Jericho feud with Ziggler’s bodyguard, Big E Langston.

    Big E Langston could cost Jericho a match or multiple matches with Ziggler, leading to Jericho wanting to get his hands on Langston.

    Their interaction recently was entertaining, mainly due to Jericho’s hilarious attacks on Langston’s looks. It would not be surprising to hear Jericho come up with more insults to Langston. He seems like an easy target with his look.

    This feud would only give Langston a huge opportunity to show his talent. Only those fans that have seen his work on NXT are familiar with Langston.

Damien Sandow

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    Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes recently pulled a Kofi Kingston and R-Truth by ending their tag team partnership, but not their friendship.

    This leaves Sandow looking for his first singles feud since before joining the tag team division.

    Chris Jericho and Damien Sandow’s matches would be of high quality, but their mic work against one another could be even more enjoyable. Sandow has shown that he is among the best talkers in WWE right now. Jericho has always been a great talker making the two must-hear together.

    The feud between Jericho and Sandow could also help the latter in his quest to reach the next level of his career in WWE. Sandow has had limited success in WWE, never even claiming any gold. Jericho may give Sandow that push he so desperately deserves.


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    Hopefully, Chris Jericho’s current run in WWE lasts long enough that he is able to put over more young Superstars.

    The Superstars on this list are a huge part of the future in WWE. All five Superstars deserve to be a World Champion at some point. In the case of Daniel Bryan who has already been a World Champion, he deserves another run.

    Who do you think Chris Jericho should feud with after he’s done with Dolph Ziggler? Do you think any of the Superstars on this list should feud with Jericho? Please leave your comments, suggestions and ideas in the section below.



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