From Todd Bertuzzi to Patrick Roy, Horrible Times for Hockey

Dildeep SinghCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2008

Todd Bertuzzi is a horrible person, flat out horrible. You screwed up and got yourself in a heap of trouble. Man up and be accountable for it. You can’t blame it on your coach and say “he made me do it." Be a man and take responsibility for what you’ve done. You ruined your career and another person's career, Marc Crawford did not.

Big Bert tried to start a fight with Steve Moore. Moore had already had one earlier with Matt Cooke. Bertuzzi grabbed his jersey and punched him in the side of the head. He pushed him to the ground and took him for a bull ride.

Steve Moore’s lawsuit is a little shady in my eyes. He’s suing for $15 million for loss of income. He would have never made $15 million in his career. He had 12 points in 69 career games. His game is no different than Dominic Moore (his brother) and all he’s getting is $700,000 a year. To get $15 million he would have to play just over 21 season in the NHL. I don’t think he would have lasted 21 years in the NHL.

The rest of his damage claims are pretty reasonable. His parents are suing for negligent infliction of nervous shock and mental distress and hope to receive $1.5 million. The problem is they filed their lawsuits just a day before the statute of limitations ran out, two years after the incident. They may have been disturbed by the event, but they should have filed this lawsuit much earlier.

Bettman tried to arrange for an out-of-court settlement. Bertuzzi offered $350,000 to settle a $19.5 million lawsuit. That is ridiculous. Then today Bert is suing Crawford because Bertuzzi is contractually obliged to follow Crawford's instructions?

Bertuzzi is not accepting how horrible of a thing he did that night. He ruined a man’s career, he offered him change compared to what he should actually play, and now he’s blaming it on his coach. MAN UP!!!! PLEASE!!!

Now we have another issue at bay. Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and Quebec Minister of Education, Sports, and Leisure are planning to work together to make rules to remove on-ice fighting. This is all after the Roy duo had done their damage in the QMJHL.

I just don’t understand how you can completely remove fighting from a hockey game. Not only have people made their careers out of fighting, it is used strategically. Players fight to build up the momentum and drive to win in their teammates.

Now the QMJHL and Quebec government is trying to remove  people from developing an education of how to fight the right way before they make it in to the NHL. They are destroying careers and a great game.

Shame on you! If you really want to set an example, punish players and coaches much heavier in these kinds of situations.

The government needs to stay out of hockey in my opinion. Criminal charges against Bertuzzi and Quebec government making up laws to destroy fighting is completely absurd. These kinds of incidents are bound to happen in hockey.

Other incidents happen in many other sports. NBA had the Pistons and Pacers brawl that included fans. MLB has its steroid problems which Congress should stay out of also. Governments: get out and keep out, you're ruining the sport for everyone.

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