Pedro Martinez Should Sign With The Long Island Ducks

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 31, 2009
Some free advice to Pedro Martinez:  Sign with the Long Island Ducks.
Pedro, nobody gives you a harder time than I do, but I'm here to help.
You need to give Ducks manager Gary Carter a phone call.
You've priced youself out of getting a job.   The Mets aren't going to call.  The Royals have passed.   You don't seem to be moving to Houston or Oakland
It's time to prove you can still pitch.
You're 37 and you think your arm is healthy.   Head out to the island and show the major league scouts than you can pitch more than four innings.
Long Island will be good to you.  Hometown fans will cheer you, the Mets will easily be able to spy on you, and you can live whereever it is you lived the past few years.
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