Ranking NASCAR Fans' Favorite Beers

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2013

Ranking NASCAR Fans' Favorite Beers

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    Not all NASCAR fans drink beer, but the ones who do have their favorites.

    Beer and NASCAR have gone hand in hand since sponsorship became a major part of the sport, and certain beers are more popular than others among fans.

    Where would all of the fans' favorite beers fall if ranked by popularity?

    You won't find micro-beers like Southern Tier or Troegs on this list. They probably don't even serve those at the racetracks.

    Instead, this list features some of the most popular beers nationwide. These are beers that come in 36 packs and have a taste similar to water.

    Here are five of NASCAR fans' favorites.

5. Busch

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    Busch beer is part of the Anheuser-Busch family, which has been involved in NASCAR for a long time.

    Before the Nationwide Series was sponsored by Nationwide, it was sponsored by Anheuser-Busch.

    Some of the top drivers in the sport have also driven under the Busch logo. Those include Cale Yarborough and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    Busch beer played a major part in the development of NASCAR.  While it may not be a major sponsor in the sport today, Busch was an extremely popular beer of choice for NASCAR fans. That popularity carries over today.

    It might only be popular among the older crowd and college kids, but with the history behind it, it should always remain a fan favorite.

4. Miller High Life

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    Miller High Life, like Busch, is not seen around NASCAR as much as it used to be.

    Still, High Life played a big part in helping the sport become what it is today.  It didn’t sponsor a Series like Busch beer did, but High Life still sponsored great drivers like Bobby Allison and Rusty Wallace.

    Miller High Life has also been used to sponsor individual races, such as the Miller High Life 400 at Richmond International Raceway, and the Miller High Life 500 at Pocono Raceway.

    Given the history behind this beer, High Life should always remain a favorite of any NASCAR fan who watched the sport through the 1980s and into the '90s.

    High Life is also the best-tasting beer on the list.

    Just make sure to drink it out of the bottle and always pass on the cans.

3. Budweiser

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    Budweiser is another beer that has been all over the sport of NASCAR.

    Before Coors Light became the official beer, Budweiser was the true king of beers as far as NASCAR was concerned.

    It remains a fan favorite to this day.

    Budweiser currently sponsors the No. 29 car of Kevin Harvick, but it's the previous drivers the beer has sponsored that has made Bud a true fan favorite.

    Dale Earnhardt Sr. had Budweiser as a sponsor and would use the Bud sponsorship on Dale Jr.'s car.

    Kasey Kahne also drove under the Budweiser logo, elevating the beer to another level in NASCAR.

    Budweiser is still around in NASCAR and still extremely popular among racing fans. From Harvick's car to the Budweiser Shootout and even into the stands, Bud is a huge part of NASCAR.

2. Coors Light

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    Coors Light became the official beer of NASCAR in 2008 and extended its contract as the official beer of the sport last year.

    With that decision, Coors is all over the sport. From the constant commercials to the Coors Light pole awards given to the driver who lands the top starting position in each race across all three NASCAR Series, Coors Light is a clear fan favorite.

    Coors Light merchandise is also everywhere in NASCAR. Doing a simple Google search will bring up everything from NASCAR/Coors Light cups to signs and T-shirts.

    Clearly, NASCAR has benefited from Coors Light as the official beer, and that's mainly due to the beer's popularity among racing fans.

    It goes beyond just sponsoring NASCAR, though. Coors Light has been in the sport for a while now and has sponsored drivers as well. Bill Elliott and Kyle Petty both drove under the Coors Light sponsorship before the beer moved on to being the official sponsor of the sport.

    Coors Light is a favorite beer for NASCAR fans nationwide.

1. Miller Lite

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    Miller Lite holds the top spot for NASCAR fans. Of course, some fans might not like the taste of Miller Lite, but after the year Brad Keselowski had, it's hard to deny the publicity Miller Lite received.

    From his buzzed Sportscenter interview, thanks to a couple big glasses of Miller Lite, to seeing the Blue Deuce in victory lane several times last season, Miller Lite dominated the sport of NASCAR.

    Throughout most of The Chase, all eyes were on Keselowski and his Miller Lite Dodge. It's easy to see how the beer became so popular in NASCAR, especially after the 2012 season.

    Keselowski's popularity has translated well for Miller Lite, since his triumph last season was one of the best underdog stories seen in any sport. Many fans from all around the nation wanted Keselowski to walk away with the title. When he made it into victory lane, he celebrated by throwing back a few glasses from his top sponsor.

    Whenever you see or hear Keselowski's name, Miller Lite isn't far behind. His popularity makes Miller Lite the top choice of beer among NASCAR fans.