Rate Every Player on the Seattle Mariners' (Projected) Opening-Day Roster

Hayato UwaiCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 24:  Starting pitcher Felix Hernandez #34 of the Seattle Mariners pitches against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Safeco Field September 24, 2008 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Thanks to Jack Zduriencik, the Mariners looks like they are better team than they looked at the end of last season. Zduriencik is clearly leading this team to right direction.

Team chemistry looks good with the returning of Ken Griffey Jr. and every players are looking fine in the spring training games. Let's take a look at the players, who will be most likely be on the active roster for the Mariners on the opening day.



Felix Hernandez

King Felix looks to lead the M's rotation as the ace of this team. Felix dominated the WBC as a member of the Venezuelan team, but his team lost in the semifinal against Korea.

He only won nine games last season but that's because the M's had one of the worst season in the franchise history.

Although he only won nine games, his ERA was decent for a last team pitcher, recording 3.45 with 175 strike outs. Very good number for a 22-year-old guy.


Erik Bedard

Yeah, thanks for disappointing all the M's fans. 6-4 record, 3.67 ERA? Really? Is Bedard worth giving up Adam Jones, George Sherill, Chris Tillman, and two more prospects? No, at least for now. Bedard looks to rebound from last year's struggle to prove that he was worth paying those five players. He has everything, but he needs to stay healthy.


Carlos Silva

Another disappointment last year, but he looked decent in WBC (not including the last game against Korea though). The M's overpaid on him, but he can win 10+ games, with ERA around 3.40. He can be very good with the Mariners tough defence.


Jarrod Washburn

Always having a losing season as a Mariner. He can be good sometimes, but he can be real bad in the other time. He will most likely leave Seattle on either free agency or get traded. Let's see if he does well on his contract year.


Brandon Morrow

Our bright pitching star. On a first MLB start, he almost no hit the Yankees. He has great fastball, some commands, so he can be a decent starter. Only issue is that he lacks stamina.

As a starter, stamina is very important in order to pitch well into late in the game. He might not be ready for the opener because of the on going injury.


Ryan Rowland-Smith

He decided not to pitch in the WBC, which was good decision because if this guy gets hurt, the M's would lose decent spot starter and a reliever. His pitching form confuses many hitters, and he has decent fastball, good commands to be our guy.

If Morrow won't be ready by the opener, Rowland-Smith would start in place for him.


David Aardsma

Acquired from the Red Sox. He is a flame thrower, clocking 94 mph on average. He was a consistent reliever for the Sox until he got hurt. Aardsma would be our seventh-inning guy most likely.


Tyler Walker

Free agent signed from the Giants. He is a veteran reliever, and posts solid number. He has only one year of experience in the American League, so he may struggle against the American League hitters. But facing a new hitter might help him be consistent.

Miguel Batista

He is still a closer candidate for the Mariners. As far as what the fans saw out of him last year, he is better at relieving than starting.


Garrett Olson

Used to be a top prospect for the Orioles. He was traded to the Cubs first, then traded again to the Mariners. On a first year, he struggled but the new environment may help him to get back to what he looked like several years ago.


Mark Lowe

He won't be like he used to be when he made a debut. He is known to be the top candidate to become the closer, but I don't think he will be good. He struggled when he replaced J.J. Putz last season.


Roy Corcoran

Probably the most consistent reliever the Mariners had last season. He should continue that this season, maybe the Mariners' eighth-inning guy.



Kenji Johjima

Struggled last season, but another guy who played well in the WBC. He can play defence, but he needs to improve offensively.


Jeff Clement

Total opposite of Johjima. He can hit hard, but he lacks defence. Only way for the Mariners to play him is DH or backup catcher.



Russell Branyan

Free agent signed from the Brewers. He is having a monster spring training, but he is known for inconsistency. He will platoon with Chris Shelton at first.


Jose Lopez

Chosen as WBC All Star Second Baseman. He made the AL All-Star team last season. He can hit for average, knocks in runs, and plays solid defence. He will be one of the top second baseman in the entire MLB in near future.


Yuniesky Betancourt

He is great defender, but where is offence? Low batting average, can't steal bases, now he really needs to prove that he is the M's starting shortstop because Ronny Cedeno is having amazing spring training so far.


Adrian Beltre

He is on a contract year. Provides gold grove defence at third, can hit 25+ homers, should be better this year. The Mariners would try to trade him, and there should be a team wanting Beltre.


Ronny Cedeno

Acquired from the Cubs in order to push Betancourt, but Cedeno might just win a starting job. Cedeno used to be one of the top prospect for the Cubs.


Reegie Corona

He needs to be on the MLB roster for one year since he was acquired via Rule V Draft. He will be a utility player to fill Willie Bloomquist, who signed with the Royals.


Chris Shelton

He will platoon with Branyan at first. Solid hitter, but he is known for inconsistency. He is having great spring training. Hitting well, now he needs to stay consistent.



Ichiro Suzuki

Had a terrible WBC until he had 4 for 6 night against Korea in the final. Everyone thought he started to age, but looks like he is okay still. If Zduriencik gets good deal out of Ichiro, maybe Zduriencik might trade him. His high salary might be a problem.


Franklin Gutierrez

Acquired from the Indians. Great defender, has potential offensively, he will be our starting center fielder.


Endy Chavez

Another good defender. He will play left field. Had a decent time in WBC. Can he continue that into the season?


Ken Griffey Jr.

"The Kid" finally returned to the Mariners. He is aging, but he can hit 20+ homers, 70+ RBI, should play both DH and left field. Maybe this is his final year playing in the big league.


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