UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer and MMA Fighters Destroy 12 Days of Christmas

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And just like that, the 12 days of Christmas were no more. 

Big Lead spotted this video of Brittney Palmer and a bunch of UFC fighters delivering the most depressing "12 Days of Christmas" we have ever seen or heard. 

It all seems to be a part of an ad for fitness supplements from Gamma Labs. But now I don't feel like getting fit nor going out and celebrating Christmas. 

Hell, I am beginning to re-think my previous crush on Palmer as well as the UFC. 

OK, while those remain true, I still can't get past this video which is roughly 3 minutes too long. At least, that's what it feels like. 

Each new "day" of Christmas feels like a kick to the kidneys. 

We have some idea of how this might have happened behind the scenes: 

Producer 1: We have to make some sort of commercial for the Holiday season. 
Producer 2: Why not get Brittney Palmer?
Producer 1: Brilliant, but she should be singing something Christmassy.
Producer 2: How about the "12 Days of Christmas?"
Producer 1: Genius. Now, let's make this more MMA related by getting some fighters. 
Producer 2: Should they be with her by the Christmas tree?
Producer 1: Hell, no. We can just go shoot them with some cheap camcorder. 

Somehow, someway, these world-class athletes and their beautiful octagon girl managed to look awkward. 


Be careful, because if you make it through the whole video, you will have a very real need to distance yourself from MMA, Brittney Palmer and Christmas. 

Hit me up on Twitter and tell me I'm wrong. 

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