San Francisco Giants: Projected Outfield

Evan Aczon@TwoSeamGripeSenior Analyst IMarch 23, 2008

LF: Who WILL start- D. Roberts    Who SHOULD start- F. Lewis

Even though Lewis should be the starter, Roberts still has the "experience" that the Giants value over talent. The most athletic of the Giants' outfielders, Freddie Lewis has proven the critics wrong about his supposed lack of range. He has the ability to play left with Aaron Rowand in center and Randy Winn in right.  The other contender for the position, Rajai Davis, has a higher OBP than Roberts but lacks experience.

CF: Who WILL start- A. Rowand    Who SHOULD start- A. Rowand

Aaron Rowand has shown that he really is the man that SF wanted to sign. His hard-nosed style of play should percolate throughout the clubhouse bringing the drive that the Giants have been lacking for the past couple of seasons. Rowand's defense is always there and his hitting this spring should put him in a comfortbale spot in the lineup to drive in runs.

RF: Who WILL start- R. Winn    Who SHOULD start- R. Winn

Randy Winn has been the most consistent Giant over the last couple years. I've actually met him a couple times and he really is a genuine guy. His .327 AVG this spring should show that he's ready as always for another consistent season.


The outfield is sound defensively with no glaring deficiencies. The gaps will be covered and expect to see this crew on Sportscenter regularly. Winn is a true corner outfielder but can still play CF if needed. With Roberts and Davis out there though, there should be no need for that. Lewis can spell the corners and come off the bench to pinch hit. If he stays patient and performs like he has been, he'll be starting by July.


Aaron Rowand should continue to hit 20-25 homeruns a year while Randy Winn should contribute around 12-15.  Freddie Lewis is capable of producing right around 15 too. It will be up to Rajai Davis and Dave Roberts to provide the speed on the basepaths  needed to make a difference in the small-ball offense. Randy Winn is a consistent .300 hitter and all of them have shown they can hit for extra base hits. This unit should drive in a lot of runs this year.