49ers Mock Draft: Latest 7-Round Predictions Heading into Bowl Season

Phil G@FuturePhilGCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2012

49ers Mock Draft: Latest 7-Round Predictions Heading into Bowl Season

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    It's never too early for mock drafts, and with the San Francisco 49ers potentially having 11-plus draft picks (not including compensatory selections), plus the talent already present in-house, can we say scary? 

    It's frightening to believe a super-talented team like the 49ers could get even better in 2013. With an abundance of picks, it allows the 49ers to be major players in the 2013 NFL draft. 

    Under general manager Trent Baalke, the 49ers have been relatively passive in the last two drafts, but with this amount of weaponry, I expect that draft strategy to change. 

    The 49ers will likely be selecting in the late 20's; however, I have no intention of predicting records or such. Just some clean fun. 

    Here are potential draft selections the 49ers will consider in the 2013 NFL draft. 

Round 1: Jesse Williams (DT/NT), Alabama

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    The 49ers could also address their defensive secondary, but I went with an interior lineman, as this is a more pressing need. 

    Williams will be an immediate starter along this 49ers front seven and could prove to be a force playing alongside the Smith duo in Justin and Aldon. 

    He has rare agility and strength for a 320-pound tackle, and his versatility as a five-technique end or a tackle make him an intriguing option for the 49ers. 

    Williams will get heavy consideration in the first 15 selections, meaning the 49ers will have to move up with their arsenal of picks. He is a bit of a project, but when you have a great coaching staff, this should not be a major issue.

    Other potential selections:

    Jonathan Banks (CB)

    John Jenkins (DT)

    Keenan Allen (WR) 

Round 2: Khaled Holmes (C/OG), USC

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    Khaled Holmes would be a perfect addition to this already strong 49ers offensive line. Alex Boone has done a tremendous job at right guard, but I believe the 49ers' weakest position lies at center. 

    Jonathan Goodwin is basically a stop-gap (though his pay doesn't reflect so), and with Holmes aboard, the 49ers could finally have more push up the middle. 

    Holmes isn't super athletic, though he is quick in short-area situations. With this line, Holmes will make his most impact in short-yardage situations. 

    He is fantastic at the point of attack despite his inexperience playing at center (only one season), and his versatility should give this 49ers team some assurance up front. 

    Plus, the 49ers wouldn't have to move up to get Holmes. He should be available towards the end of the second or early third round. 

    Other potential selections: 

    Robert Woods (WR)

    Lane Johnson (OT)

Round 3: Robert Lester (S), Alabama

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    Robert Lester is a solid prospect and would be a steal for the 49ers in the third round. I doubt Lester would be available at the end of the third round, but luckily for the Niners, they have two selections in the third. 

    Lester is pretty athletic with solid speed for safety. He isn't a great tackler, which makes this selection a bit shady; however, Lester has shown to be consistent in coverage. 

    He can cover receivers and tight ends and is also a solid fit in zone schemes. Lester can play a bit reckless at times, but that is a "coach-able" trait. 

    Other potential selections: 

    Travis Long (OLB)

    Montee Ball (RB)

Round 4: Chase Thomas (OLB), Stanford

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    With Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith holding down the starting rotation, Thomas wouldn't be an immediate starter. 

    Thomas isn't even a high-upside type of player; however, he is disruptive and active off the edge. He could be a great situational rusher for the 49ers, especially if Parys Haralson is slow to recover. 

    It also doesn't hurt that he played for Jim Harbaugh in Stanford. 

    Other potential selections: 

    Shawn Williams (S)

    Abry Jones (DT)

Round 5: Ryan Otten (TE), San Jose State

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    Delanie Walker may leave for greener pastures next season, which should leave an opening at backup tight end. 

    Otten is both big and athletic. He has solid hands and can be a downfield threat at the next level. He may not be here when the 49ers select, but a solid value pick if available. 

Round 6: John Wetzel (OT), Boston College

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    This is another rising prospect who may not be available in the later round. Scouts will probably salivate at Wetzel's upside, but he has a long way to go. 

    Some see Wetzel as a starting prospect at right tackle; however, I think he would be a better fit at guard, at least starting off.

    He has a long wingspan, which should help him if a team decides to move him to tackle. However, technique-wise, Wetzel has an uphill battle if he wants to play tackle at the next level. 

Round 7: Joe Vellano (DE/DT), Maryland

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    Having watched Joe Vellano up close at games, I can attest to his elite motor and quickness off the snap. 

    He doesn't have great upside, but has the potential to be a solid rotational player in the right system. The 49ers love hustle players along the defensive line, and Vellano is a great fit. 

    However, I can envision some team selecting Vellano a little higher than his potential would suggest.