WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: CM Punk vs. Ryback Will Have Everyone Talking

Luis CamposAnalyst IOctober 24, 2012

image courtesy of wwe.com
image courtesy of wwe.com

I must admit that when Ryback was announced as CM Punk's rival for Hell in a Cell, I was a bit disappointed. It is not like I was looking forward to the alternative—CM Punk vs John Cena—but Punk vs Ryback made me feel uncomfortable.

First, there was the idea that because the match was going to be a Hell in a Cell match one of the two men had to lose—disqualification doesn't seem like an option here.

Next was the implications of a loss for either of these men. If Punk loses he would lose a title that he has held for over 300 days. Statistics mean something and the idea of Punk not surpassing John Cena's reign as WWE champion was frustrating. Plus CM Punk had already begun a feud (of sorts) with the Rock that is scheduled to take place at the Royal Rumble in January—would this dream match end before it even happened?

Similarly, Ryback also has a lot at stake with this match. Since his debut Ryback has been undefeated. His matches have been short, but there is not doubt that he is a star whose stock is rapidly rising. If he lost to Punk his streak would end. If he won, he would be the newest champion, but at the same time, some say he is too green to be the champ. 

The dilemma is a difficult one, and I have no doubt that the creative team in Stamford is struggling to come up with a satisfying ending.

Who's going to win? CM Punk? Ryback? Will anyone interfere? Who? Brock Lesnar? Who knows!

For the first time in a while the dirt sheets have yet to ruin the ending to this match, and that's what makes it exciting. The events that will transpire this Sunday will set a precedent for the road to WrestleMania 29.

If Ryback wins, he will be catapulted into a stage which could lead in him being the WWE's next star. If Punk wins, his reign as champ would set up the stage of events that would lead to a dream match between him and the Rock at the Royal Rumble.

The possibilities are crazy. Regardless who wins, the WWE's landscape come next Monday will be a different place—at least I hope so.


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