The Fastest Knockouts in Sports History

Paul Grossinger@@pgrossingerAnalyst IIOctober 18, 2012

The Fastest Knockouts in Sports History

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    Boxing fans always dream of attending the next Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Marvin Hagler fight; a titanic clash of champions going toe to toe for glory.

    Sometimes, that glory is over before it starts—or between one to fifteen seconds after, to be precise. 

    Some fighters just have porcelain chins and this is a tribute to all those nameless (and not so nameless) knockout victims everywhere.

    Here are the fastest knockouts in sports history.  

No. 20: Nigel Benn KO Ian Chantler

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    Benn made a name for himself with this quick and vicious knockout, which brought him to 11-0 for his career with 11 knockouts.

    He went on to become a durable light-middleweight champion, but it was the heavy, lightening fast punches of his early career that defined Benn's career and reputation.  

No. 19: Jimmy Thunder KO Crawford Grimsley

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    Although Grimsley was 20-1 at the time and intent on making a name for himself as a boxer, he was no match for Jimmy Thunder.

    Thunder, who was enraged following his decision-loss to John Ruiz, took only 13 seconds to put Grimsley down on the canvas for the night.  

NO. 18: Jens Pulver KO John Lewis

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    Pulver's left hook to the face was the kind of punch that fighters see in their nightmares.

    It sent Lewis into early retirement.  

No. 17: Nigel Benn KO Leon Morris

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    Benn was 42-5-1 over his career and one of the most vicious punchers in boxing history.  

    He was 5-0 when facing Morris and his near-lethal hit remains one of the most impressive punches I've ever seen in a boxing ring.  

No. 16: B.J. Penn KO Caol Uno

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    Penn was pretty kick ass in this fight.  Channeling his inner Julius Caesar, he arrived, surveyed his opponent and knocked him out in 11 seconds.

    As Caesar said, "I came, I saw, I conquered."

No. 15: Chris Eubank KO Reginaldo Los Santos

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    Sometimes, miracle upsets happen.

    Usually, the would-be hero ends up out cold.

    Reginaldo Los Santos lived up to the paradigm, going down on the canvas just one punch and 20 seconds into his bid to defeat the undefeated Eubanks.

No. 14: Mike Tyson KO Dan Cozad

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    After this fight, everyone knew that Mike Tyson was no amateur.

    With this KO, Tyson clocked in the fastest knockout in amateur boxing history and introduced himself to the boxing world.  

No. 13: Gary Goodrich KO Paul Herrera

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    Granted, you would never see it in boxing, but elbowing is a pretty efficient way to knock someone out.

    Just ask Herrera; it looks like it nearly killed him.  

No. 12: Aleksander Emilianenko KO James Thompson

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    Thompson has a stare that could kill, but his bark is worse than his bite.

    Emelianenko clearly wasn't impressed and it shows.  

No. 11: Gerald McClellan KO Jay Bell

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    McClellan was one of boxing's hardest punchers, earning 26 knockouts in 31 professional wins.

    One of those knockouts was his lightening quick 20 second win over Jay Bell.  This was his second title defense, as well as the fight that sealed his reputation.  

No. 10: Bernard Hopkins KO Steve Frank

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    Bernard Hopkins may go down in history as a cautious and calculating fighter, but don't tell Steve Frank.

    Hopkins took barely 15 seconds to decide that Frank wasn't worth a night of cat and mouse and unloaded the big right hand to put him down.  

No. 9: Neil Grove KO James Thompson

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    Maybe its the kicks and strange punches, but MMA fighters sure can hit the canvas real quick.

    Minutes after his painfully long, trademark stare-down, Thompson took one to the chin and looked like he was dead.

    Way to channel your inner Shane Mosley, James.  

No. 8: Heath Herring KO Yoshihiro Nakao

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    What do you do after someone kisses you in an MMA ring?

    Knock them out. 

No. 7: Naseem Hamed KO Said Lawal

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    Naseem "Prince" Hamed must have decided his garish 10 minute introduction wasn't enough entertainment for his boxing fans.

    Barely 35 seconds into the fight, Lawal was done for good. Hilariously, he wasn't actually finished in one punch, the ref gave him a few extra seconds after the first hit before an annoyed Hamed finished the job.  

No. 6: The One Second Knockout

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    Who knows who these guys are?

    This unfortunate fighter didn't get his fifteen minutes of fame, he got one second before hitting the canvas cold.  

No. 5: James Irvin KO Terry Martin

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    James Irving knows how to finish a fight.

    Watching, it's clear that Marvin was still trying to feel his way into the bout and had no idea what hit him.  

No. 4: Jeremy Williams KO Arthur Weathers

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    Perhaps Weathers should have seen it coming.

    Williams had nine straight KOs coming into the fight and added Weathers' scalp to his collection after a mere 10 seconds.

    He went on to put up an impressive 42-5-1 professional record as an all-time great puncher.  

No. 3: Joel Villasenor KO Hank Weis

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    This gem comes from 2004 and is a classic example of poor strategy.  

    Weis was playing it cool, leading with his jab and within 5 seconds, he got hit with a freight train from hell.

No. 2: Sechew Powell KO Cornelius Bundrage

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    This was the most wild and exciting short fight in boxing history.

    Powell and Bundrage exchanged three punches throughout the whole fight.  The first knocked down Bundrage, the second put Powell on the canvas.  Then, Powell put Bundrage down for good.

    I think my dog has a stronger chin than either of those two fighters.  

No. 1: Polish Kickboxer's Devastating Kick

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    Say hello to the nastiest kick in sports.

    This unnamed Polish kick boxer, of recent YouTube fame, took down his opponent in less than three seconds.

    The kick was so vicious, I think it dislocated my jaw through the computer screen.