T.O. K.O.'d: a Letter to Terrell Owens

Jason McGovernCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

From one of the longest running dynasties when you joined them, to nearly the Ravens, to the Philadelphia Eagles amidst their peak under Reid, to “America’s Team," you have failed miserably to find a home that can stomach you long enough to reap any sort of benefits.

Where will you go now? Who will be that team?

Surely no team thinks that THIS time it will be different for US. I mean, when the Dallas Cowboys don’t want you, you know you’ve pretty much burned the last bridge, except for maybe the Bay Bridge leading to Oakland.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player with your talent and abilities get bounced from so many teams throughout his career.

Sure, at the end of guys’ careers, they tend to move around as they hang onto to one more run at glory. I mean, even names such as Favre, Montana, Namath, and Unitas finished their careers elsewhere.

Even Michael Jordan finished his career in Wizard-blue.

But you have been shown the door everywhere you have been, despite your amazing physique and talent.

Are you still going to play dumb and not acknowledge that you wreak havoc on a good situation like storm clouds in tornado alley?

I mean, not even a team owned by a guy who makes a living writing paychecks to the likes of “don’t call me Pacman” Jones, “not a think” Tank Johnson, and even your good friend Michael Irvin—back in his pimp suit wearing days—wanted to deal with you anymore.

Honestly, I’d say now would be the time to pursue that hoops dream if it’s still burning inside you, because you have a better shot at that than you do landing with any team good enough to even sniff the playoffs at this point.

And the team you do latch on to will not be dumb enough to give you the guaranteed upfront money Drew Rosenhaus will demand.

The only two owners I can think that would be willing to give you their money are Daniel Snyder and Al Davis, who have a storied record of free agent blunders. And considering that the Skins just dished out $100+ million to a guy who doesn't even touch the ball, that doesn't leave much for anyone else.

Who knows though, we don’t know what Donovan had to say to the front office. Whoseyermama is in Seattle now, AZ isn’t going to trade Boldin to one of their conference rivals, so maybe Don did say he didn’t care what they had to do to get him weapons, even if it means you.

Good luck in the job hunt.