WWE: 3 Tag Teams That Should Be Made with Roster's Underused Talent

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE may have five hours of television programming every week as well as a pay-per-view about once a month, but the active roster is so large that guys tend to slip through the cracks.

Rather than having those guys waste away on Superstars, the writers would be wise to form some new tag teams.

Although the WWE's tag division is deeper than it has been in a couple years, with about 10 legitimate teams currently operating, it never hurts to throw a few more into the mix.

There are at least a dozen guys on the roster with no prospects at the moment, but becoming part of a tag team could very well change that.

It is clear that the WWE is once again committed to making the tag team scene mean something, so low-card guys would almost be better off being a part of it than floundering as singles wrestlers.

Here are three teams that the WWE should create using the spare parts that aren't currently being utilized. 


Ted DiBiase and Michael McGillicutty

Just a couple years ago, it seemed as though Ted DiBiase was poised to become a breakout star; he starred in The Marine 2 and was nearing a face turn.

Randy Orton received the face turn instead, though, and Cody Rhodes went on to much greater success than his former partner as well. DiBiase was injured for quite some time, but he is finally back and needs some help returning to relevancy.

Michael McGillicutty, on the other hand, broke into the WWE by competing on the second season of NXT and eventually joining Nexus.

He did have a run with the tag team championships with David Otunga, but McGillicutty has largely served as enhancement talent. Like DiBiase, he has a world of talent and simply needs a purpose.

I would put the two of them together; they both come from wrestling families. DiBiase is the son of "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, and McGillicutty is the son of Mr. Perfect and grandson of Larry "The Axe" Hennig.

Change McGillicutty's name to his given name of Joe Hennig, and I believe that the fans would connect with this team. That would be great for a couple guys who have lost their way. 


Curt Hawkins and Trent Barreta

One tag team that I believe the WWE missed the boat on was The Dude Busters.

Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft wrestled mostly on ECW as a low-end pairing, but they were very entertaining and could have been a fixture within the division. Croft was released in 2010, however, and Barreta has been on his own ever since as little more than a jobber despite his talent.

The Dude Busters were tag team champions in FCW and had a third member in the form of Curt Hawkins as they defended via the Freebird Rule.

Hawkins has had a couple different tag partners over the past three years in Vance Archer and Tyler Reks, but both were released, so Hawkins does little other than put guys over on Superstars.

Hawkins was a tag team champion with Zack Ryder in the past, though, so both Hawkins and Barreta have achieved some success as tag team wrestlers.

Neither is going to get anywhere as a singles guy, regardless of how much potential they have, so a reprisal of The Dude Busters would be great for them and add another capable tandem to the tag scene. 


Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson

With the WWE going more toward smaller wrestlers like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler at the top of the company, large, musclebound wrestlers are becoming somewhat obsolete.

Ryback is the exception to that rule right now, but many of the more physically-imposing wrestlers on the WWE's roster aren't being used.

Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson are two perfect examples.

Ryan hasn't been seen in a very long time for whatever reason, while Jackson has been nursing an injury, but they have both shown some promise in the past.

Ryan was an FCW heavyweight champion and debuted with a bang as a member of New Nexus, while Jackson was both an ECW and intercontinental champion.

The WWE has a lot of teams right now, but there isn't really a squad with a pair of monstrous competitors on it, so Ryan and Jackson would bring something different to the table.

I'm not a fan of either of them in the ring, and I certainly wouldn't put the tag team championships on them, but they would be a menacing team that would pose a physical threat to the others and add some depth to the division.


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