It's More Interesting to Post When We're Losing

Pick LogicContributor IFebruary 15, 2017

Yes, it's true...there's more to say when we're losing than when PickLogic is winning regularly. 

In other words: less blog posts = better results.  We can live with not posting very often! (But we'll still try to chime in regularly, even during nice, calm, portfolio-increasing times such as this past week.)

PickLogic has followed a 4-12 run with four straight wins.  So despite starting the month of March with losses in six out of sven selections, the calendar month has already climbed back to record a a positive return (if still slight). 

Assuming we don't run into any lengthy streaks for the rest of the month, we'll celebrate our three-year anniversary with a positive return in 34 of the 36 months that has been in existence.  Not too bad!">See all of our results over the past three years here.

In nearly three years, we've won 259 games and lost 223, for a win-loss percentage of 53.73 percent.  If you were betting, say, $100 on each game we've ever selected, you'd be up $1,245 in three years (12.45 percent).  Hardly worth the time and effort.

But our clients who have been with us from the beginning, following the recommended wagers each day, are up 82 percent as of today (or $8,200 in the example above). (And note that while our average client has a "starting balance" of around $25,000, it's absolutely the case that we have many clients who HAVE been here for the entire three years, with starting balances of $100,000 or more, who are up $82,000 or more over that time.)

The nice thing, too, is that our history suggests that our performance will continue at the same rate or better than in the past:

—2005 was up 22 percent

—2006 was up 19 percent

—2007 was up over 34.5 percent

In 2008 so far, we're up 6.4 percent, or more than two percent/month (suggesting an end-2008 number in the 25 percent-30 percent range).

If you're new to PickLogic, we invite you to look at the numbers—everything is out there to see, nothing is hidden.  If you're a client, sorry for telling you things you already know!

And if you're STILL reading this post, we'll throw in a special "thanks" for your time and attention:

—New members (who purchase any PickLogic plan before the end of March): We'll send you a free, fitted PickLogic baseball cap.

—Existing members: on your next renewal of three months or more (even if you were already planning on renewing), we'll send you the same cap.


In both cases, just shoot us a note telling us you saw this Blog post, and we'll get your hat sent right out.

Here's to less posts in the near future!