The Jinx is in, Folks: John Kitna Guarantees Another 10-Win Season for the Lions

Matt KahkonenCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2008

Another season of NFL football comes to an end, and like clockwork, someone in the Detroit Lions organization does something stupid. Jon Kitna is quickly climbing the ranks of the Lions totem pole of idiocracy, grabbing a firm hold of second place, right behind reigning and irreplaceable moron Matt Millen.

The Lions may be coming off their best season since Millen took over, but I don't think I'm alone when I say they're a far cry away from hitting the 10 win mark. I'd be hard pressed to find any Lions fan that even thinks they'll play .500 football in 2008. They've been less than impressive in free agency thus far, addressing one weak point, the secondary, but ignoring the fact that they haven't had a rushing game since Barry retired. I'm sorry, but Tatum Bell and Kevin Jones aren't the answer. The answer lies in a solid offensive line, but apparently drafting wide outs has been more imperative.

The firing of Mike Martz is troubling as well. As horrible as the Lions were in the second half of 2008, they weren't losing games because they weren't scoring, so I fail to see where firing Martz made any sense whatsoever. The numbers don't lie, the Lions have consistently had a bottom 5 defense in the NFL. Trading for Leigh Bodden was a huge step in the right direction, but nothing more than that. Ernie Sims and Leigh Bodden might be able to stop Donald Driver and Greg Jennings from blowing up, but they won't stop Adrian Peterson or Ryan Grant from running all over the field like Sea Biscuit on HGH.

When it's all said and done, the Lions will probably repeat their 7-9 mark in 2008, and it'd be a pleasant surprise if they do any better. Anyone thinking about the playoffs need to wake up and realize that Detroit doesn't stand a chance against Green Bay or Minnesota this year, it's that simple. Adrian Peterson will rush for another 1500 yards, but the real story will be Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers back to the NFC championship. You can quote me on that, it WILL happen, and the Lions will be fighting for scraps with Rex Grossman and the rest of the Bears.