The Ultimate Warrior Tops the List in Wrestling Entrances

RykzCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

The history of entrance themes is not clear, but Glean Stride is often cited as being the first wrestler to be accompanied to the ring by music.

In the early 1950's, female champion Mildred Burke often entered to theme music.

Gorgeous George was associated with "Pomp and Circumstance," a song which was later used by "Macho (King) Man" Randy Savage.

Sgt. Slaughter sometimes claimed to have introduced the idea to Vince McMahon Sr.

The practice did not become widespread until the 1980's, however, when the Fabulous Freebirds, Hulk Hogan, the Junkyard Dog, and various World Class Championship Wrestling performers began using rock music for entrance themes.

The company changed even more when the they brought in the Titan Tron, and pyrotechnics.

Wrestling has always been a big part of my life, and I can't remember a time where choosing a top-five was harder then this.

Your probably wondering why?

Well, I can name my best five wrestlers, and/or top-five matches off the top of my head, but this turned out to be difficult.


 5: The Rock/Stone Cold

Okay, so I cheated and chose two wrestlers here, but there's good reason for these two being number five.

Let's start of with The Rock, probably one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. But his entrance wasn't that special, and the same could be said about Austin.

What was special, however, was the huge pop they got each time we heard, "Do you smell what The Rock is cooking," or the sound of glass shattering, because we knew we were about to see something great.


4: Goldberg

Goldberg? Yes Goldberg!

Maybe he was not the best wrestler in the world, but who can forget the entrance?

It was a psychological game of watch me come out, I'm going to take my time, and destroy you.

The intimidation game was a big part of his gimmick, and the way he came to the ring would make you feel that this was going to be a physical match.


3: Triple H

When Triple H became the Game, he became that much better.

His slow, but maniacal, walk to the ring, brings so much intensity to the whole arena.

I had the privilege of being at a live Raw show a couple of years ago, and when I mean Triple H got a pop, he really got a pop.

Some people think Triple H's entrance is pretty bland, but you really need to feel the atmosphere when his music hits.


2:The Undertaker

When the bell chimes, lights go down, and you feel the eerie feeling throughout the arena, you know business is about to pick up.

I have followed The Undertaker's career very closely, and believe he is the best gimmick the WWE has ever come out with.

The entrance has changed slightly over the year, but they are just keeping with the times.

The Undertaker does truly win half his battles before he even gets in the ring.

This would have been my top pick, but he just missed out.


1:The Ultimate Warrior 

Okay, I have to explain this one. When I was really young, I had just got into wrestling and I really didn't like Hulk Hogan.

I once heard The Ultimate Warrior's music, and saw him run into the ring—he had so much energy.

I got goose-bumps seeing this insanely big (for the time), and colorful man come into the ring and shake those ropes.

Even when I look back now, I can't see another entrance that compares to the Warriors.

The ones that nearly made it were, Kurt Angle. Come on, who didn't enjoy shouting "you suck" at him?

HBK, I love the music, and I do remember him coming down the zip line—but it was only once.

Well that's my top-five.

What would your top-five be?



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