Colts vs. Bears: Indianapolis' Biggest Winners & Losers from NFL Week 1

Eric SmithCorrespondent IIISeptember 9, 2012

Colts vs. Bears: Indianapolis' Biggest Winners & Losers from NFL Week 1

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    The Indianapolis Colts opened a new era today and it couldn’t have gone much worse for the final three quarters. After the Colts started off on three great defensive stands, the defense became nonexistent and the offense showed the need to mature quickly.

    Indianapolis was tied with Chicago 7-7 after the first quarter, but ended up losing 41-21. That says it all. The Colts had so many costly mistakes that if they didn’t happen, they would easily have won the game.

    Chicago is in trouble for the fact everything they were given was off Indianapolis’ mistakes. I know the Colts are young and inexperienced, but dropped passes, missed tackles and mistakes in coverage are inexcusable.

    Credit the Bears for capitalizing on those mistakes, but they didn’t look as good as a great team should. If Indianapolis didn’t make costly mistakes on ill-advised times, the Colts easily would be the victors.

    I’ve graded the biggest winners and losers from the game and this is what I’ve given them.

Losers: Offensive Line

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    The Colts’ offensive line struggled most of this game. They failed to protect rookie quarterback Andrew Luck for a majority of the game as the youngster was forced to scramble for his life. They did block somewhat well on the rushing attack as Indianapolis had 63 yards on the ground, but holes were tough to come by for Donald Brown.

    The line needs to do a better job of blocking for Luck and give him more time. If they can’t give him time the Colts are in for a long season.

Losers: Vontae Davis Trade

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    I’ll admit I was for this trade when it happened. The Colts seemed to finally get a lockdown corner they desperately needed. Unless Davis was having first game rust, he’s a bust. I’ve never seen a corner hyped so much play so bad.

    He allowed way too much of a cushion on receivers and got burnt all day. For someone that’s supposed to be a lockdown corner he gave up way too much to Chicago. It wasn’t that the Bears offense played that well, it was Davis allowing receivers to get wide open. It’s pretty easy to throw to wide open receivers.

    Unless Davis improves, Miami got the better end of the deal.

Losers: Colts Receivers

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    I thought the Colts receivers were underrated in the preseason. Everyone besides Reggie Wayne showed up ready to go today. I’ve never seen so many dropped passes or lack of effort out of receivers than I did today.

    Call it like you want to, young guys playing their first NFL game or whatever excuse needed. The real reason is these guys need to grow up quickly. Indianapolis has a bunch of immature, scared players on the team.

    Chicago’s defense didn’t do anything nobody else would do. The receivers let Luck down by dropping good passes. The passes were on target and not Luck’s fault. The receivers were flat out scared.

    If Indianapolis wants to be relevant soon, the receivers better grow up quickly.

Losers: Indianapolis Secondary

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    The defensive line finally got some pressure on the quarterback. The secondary let Indianapolis down. For a team that’s supposed to play better man coverage and not allow slant routes or wide open zones, they sure fooled us.

    The secondary has to get better at playing tighter coverage. No reason to allow so many open areas of the field for a mediocre quarterback like Jay Cutler to throw to. The Bears had six guys catch a pass today and all six had over 13-yards-per-reception.

    If the secondary doesn’t improve, the Colts may be as bad as last year.

Winners: Special Teams Coverage

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    The special teams has been a handicap the past decade. Every year they seem to give up touchdowns or long returns that change the aspect of the game.

    Today, Pat McAfee pinned Chicago deep when he was out there and the Colts did a great job covering punts and kickoffs. Finally, Indianapolis has a decent special teams unit.

    Other than that there’s no other aspect of the game that the Colts won. It’s hard to find a unit or player that showed me they were a positive part of this game.

    Indianapolis needs to grow up and grow up quickly. I’ve never seen so many scared guys running around without a plan. They need to do a better job in every position on both sides of the ball.