Pacquiao-Marquez: Philippine Boxing Hero Wins Split Decision

Claire ReclosadoSenior Analyst IMarch 16, 2008

Boxing’s Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao won a split decision to defeat Juan Manuel Marquez at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on March 15th.

With this win, Pacquiao became the new WBC super featherweight champion.

To the citizens of Pacquiao’s native Philippines, these bouts are more than mere sport; Pacquiao’s fights halt wars.

During the fight, the Philippine Army declared a seven-hour truce with insurgents to allow both sides the opportunity to cheer for the national hero.

Police in the Philippines reported no crime during the bout, as was the case during the previous Pacquiao fight.

Pac-Man did not disappoint.

Wearing white and red trunks, a confident Pacquiao battled Marquez. The confidence seemed to take away from the Pilipino fighter's usual style of fighting. His combinations weren't as prevalent as they were in previous fights.

Throughout the fight, the men went back and forth, taking turns winning rounds.

Both sides looked strong from the start, but it was Pacquiao that elicited excited cheers from the crowd with a knock down late in the third round. After missing with a right, Pacquiao connected with a left cross and Marquez hit the floor. Pacquiao stunned Marquez once more as the bell rang.

Pacquiao’s speed and power lifted the Pilipino above the Mexican fighter.

Marquez, however, battled back, winning many of the middle rounds.

In the seventh round, both fighters’ faces showed the ferocity of the battle. Between the flurries of punches the men exchanged, Marquez began to bleed from the side of his right eye, while Pacquiao was cut underneath his right eye.

The cut seemed to distract Pacquiao as he lost the eight round.  Finishing strong, he seemed to win the late rounds, leading to his win by split decision.

Afterwards, Marquez’ side complained that the judges decision was unfair, but in this close fight it could have gone either way.

The judges had best seat, so who are we to cry foul when their decision is handed down?

The sold-out crowd will naturally gravitate toward the fighter they have been cheering for, but in this evenly matched bout, we have to trust the judges and their scoring.

The pay-per-view seats just aren’t good enough for accurate scoring.

Marquez’ side wanted to set up a rematch immediately, but Pacquiao’s side had different plans.

After an exhausting 12-round fight, how did the winner feel?

He was hungry. With a spread of food before him, Pacquiao retreated because there was no fish dish. The night came to a quiet end for the winner of "Pacquiao-Marquez: Unfinished Business." 

Look for Pac-Man to move up a weight class and battle David Diaz in the near future.