Where Will WWE Be Five Years Down the Track?

Joshua ScottContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about this since I read an article published by Jev Thorpe called "Do the WWE's Main Superstars Fight Each Other Too Often?"


Something was mentioned in the comment section about the passing of the torch, and I thought to myself, the main superstars of the WWE are starting to show their age, and in about five years they will be considering retirement. Who then will be left to carry the weight of the WWE?


The WWE has some top veteran talent but hasn’t gotten nearly as much top “Young” superstars. So when it's all said and done, and stars such as HHH, HBK, Undertaker, Kane, Finlay, Dreamer, and Big Show are gone, we will be left with not a whole lot.


With that in mind, who will start to pick up where they left off? I can assure you that if Santino becomes WORLD CHAMP, I will literally laugh myself to death. Hell, if Santino becomes champ, his first defense should be against Beth Phoenix. That would be one for the history books. But that’s my point of view.


We will have people like MVP, Miz, Mr. Kennedy, Santino, Ranjin Singh, Kofi, Jamie Noble and Hornswoggle left to fill the places of HHH and so on. OK, maybe Hornswoggle replacing HHH is a bit of an exaggeration, but who will?


See, unlike the superstars of yesteryear the newbies haven’t got the stamina or durability of those gone. With these superstars at their state they could take an hour off the show because the matches would end so quickly. They're actually timing how long Noble can last in a match nowadays.


People of this new era spend too much time making their own shows. Everybody has their internet shows such as the Miz and Morrison's Dirt Sheet, whatever Cryme Tyme's is, and Santino's Casa. But never do you see something like Hunter Hearst Helmslies House, Tommy's TV, or Big Show Backstage.


See, what these new superstars should work on is stuff like durability and stamina.


Now I know people will be saying stuff like, “But Josh, what about people like Cena, Edge, Orton, Umaga, Batista, and the Hardys?” Work it out. Three shows. Roughly equal Heels and Faces.



Raw       I               Smack   I               ECW                      I

Cena      I               Batista  I               Hardy                    I

Edge      I               Orton    I               other Hardy           I


That means back and forth between either two each show, in the way the WWE goes about their matches. So from my point of view, if the WWE don’t do something soon, it is a pretty bleak-looking future for them.


Could you imagine HHH playing SmackDown! VS. RAW 2014 on PlayStation 7, Xbox 720, or Nintendo Poo in a retirement home somewhere in a road to WrestleMania scenario, trying to make Santino an eight-time World Heavyweight Champion? Could you? Think about it.