Are the Toronto Maple Leafs trying to harvest ICE EXCREMENT?

Sean PaddisonCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Well so far I have been completely uninspired for months to write anything about this season's hockey results in general.

It has been pretty much a yawn-fest so far.

Then over the last few games I see the Leafs start to pile on some wins and I'm saying to myself "like..WTF?"

Who is the company out there that manufactures the stupidity gas that they pump into the head office in Leafsland? Whoever they are, they make an awesome product!

I thought it was pretty clear?  Losses equal draft power. Mediocrity equals...well, the same pile of ice-excrement we've been smelling for the last five years.

This winning better stop soon or this season will be a rock solid testament to the astounding idiocy that is the TML management and coaching, with exception of Keith Acton who, from what I hear, actually knows hockey.

I'm truly hoping that this is just some last minute showcasing of the tripoutskis on the team and not some mid-season "wow look we can win!" BS.

Seriously, if the Leafs continue winning enough to put them higher than fifth-last, people have to seriously wonder if something is seriously corrupt or, even worse, sadistic, driving the TML right now.

I guess we'll know five games after the trade deadline.

A 1-4 record post trade deadline might put a logical person's mind at ease.

Oops I forgot, the TML staff don't speak the language of logic.

Chaos rules in Leafsland!

If in fact the TML brass are only interested in chaos, then why don't they get all the Leafs players to paint their faces white and adopt a Gothic theme and parade a bunch of ex-phantom soloists out on the ice to sing the anthems?

Nothing surprises me these days.

Next thing they'll do is bring back Aki Berg and trade Schenn.

God knows Leafs fans have seen worse trades before.

As bad as Harold Ballard was, at least back then nobody in the front office even hinted they were working on a plan. Unlike this version of the Leafs, which has this great plan that resembles a Bush/Cheney like logic structure.

There better be some serious trades happening, or Burke is all talk and no action!